Let's Be Honest. These Korean Corn Dogs Are The Real BBQ Rockstars

2:02 PM I really don't know what's my favorite month of summer, but I know one thing for sure... My favorite thing to do during summer time is BBQs and eating lots of sexy food. I am totally into "community food" and I feel it's just so much more fun sharing all kinds of food with the people you love. 

BBQing isn't always the same and one can always create new things or add specialities to the table. While me and my family always tend to do the classics and just keep it simple, I wanted to try something new and really intriguing. 

During one YouTube filled afternoon (I somehow fell in love with all kinds of Japanese and Korean cooking videos), I found a dream dish of which I knew it would blow my mind. 

Korean corn dogs. 

Let it sink it. 

What does your imagination tell you? 
(Ok, you might have checked out the picture above... but still... what do you feel and taste in the first seconds?) 

I was right in between all kinds of cheesecake scenarios (did you know how many great baking videos of Japanese cheesecake exist?) when I found the Korean corn dogs. 

I have to admit... I never had an American corn dog, because they look so grows...but I love hot dogs...so. So, yeah. 
I was intrigued to try these, since they are covered in sugar - how insane is that?! This is the time or never... I need to try a Korean corn dog and have the experience of my life. 

And what shall I say.
I had the experience of my life and I want to share this great recipe with you so you can still enjoy a fantastic BBQ this summer with this very special highlight. 

I know you will be the most poplular person in your friend circle with this recipe and perfect party addition. 

Let's explore this further.

recipe via 

YOU NEED 200g flour + 50g rice flour + 10g sugar + 2g salt + 5g dry yeast + 10g oil + 180ml warm water + 8 sausages + panko crumbs + coconut sugar and white sugar for dipping the corn dog + wooden sticks + ketchup + mustard 

1. Mix the flour together with the salt, dry yeast, and water. Kneed it well to activate the yeast. 
2. As soon as you got a nice ball of dough, cover the bowl of dough with a kitchen towel and let it rest for at least 1h. 
3. While the dough is rising and getting fluffy, we can prepare the sausages. Cook them and then put them on wooden sticks to eat and prepare them easier.
4. Check the dough. Get it out of the bowl (it's okay if it's a bit sticky) and divide it into 8 equal pieces. Each piece will be formed to a rectangle to perfectly cover the sausage. 
5. Dip the sausage in the flour, cover it well, and add a bit of flour to the dough, too. Now press the rectangle around the sausage and make sure it's covered from all sides. I like to press it a bit stronger around the sausage by putting my hands around it and really squeeze it. 
6. On a plate, spread out some panko crumbs and on a second plate do the same with a mix of white and coconut sugar. 
7. Cover the dough hugging sausage with panko crumbs and set aside. Continue this until all the 8 corn dogs are ready to be fried. 
8. For frying heat up oil in a big pot. 
9. When the oil is really hot (test it with a wooden stick... there should be tiny bubbles coming up around it) throw in the first corn dog. Wait until it is brown - it changes the color really fast, so don't go to another room - stay close to the corn dogs!
10. Once the corn dog is brown all over, get it out of the hot oil and dip it in the sugar mixture on your second plate. Cover the corn dog fully, place it on a tray or plate and put some ketchup and mustard on top. 
11. Repeat until all corn dogs are done!

Oh wow. 
What a sexy thing. 

No, no. Don't be scared or disgusted. 
If you only knew how good this is! 
The flavor of the dough...super crispy, almost tasting like a donut, and then the flavors coming together...with a crunchy highlight...the sugar and ketchup forming a really interesting alliance.... woooow. Korea, you are crazy. 

How happy I am to have found this recipe.
Who's celebrating the next BBQ? I am waiting for my invite and you know what I would bring then... 

Happy corn dog season ~ 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Hund — dog.