9:42 AM Taking a lot more care of myself, my health, and my daily routine, I never thought that sleep would be the thing that makes my picture complete! 

I have always loved sleeping and I really enjoy napping a lot. But to be honest...I never cared if I got enough sleep or not.
During school time, I had a set time from my parents, but the older I got, the more I pushed that to the back..."I would get enough sleep - no matter what time", I thought. I always had problems to get up in the morning then... 
During university days I skipped sleeping. I felt my days were too short and I used the silent vibes of the night to sit down and let my brain breathe: create, finding ideas, and just get my work done. 

Today, I am so happy that things have changed and I can't believe how silly I was. 
I also never listened to anyone telling me how important sleep is...
Until I reached my late 20s. 

I am not going to parties anymore. I can't... I'm super tired at 11pm and with a healthy routine, I set a sleeping time which I follow every damn day. And I'm not mad about it. 
I feel better. 
I am relaxed. 
I can work more efficiently. 
I am not exhausted anymore. 
I can focus and understand my anxieties more. 

That's why I am even happier that the Swedish furniture giant, Ikea, is currently spreading a heavy awareness wave on sleeping with their work-life-sleep-balance campaign. 

Seeing their ad on TV, I first thought it was cute to invent the term and also spending budgets on this... but thinking about it deeper, I realized that this is one of the best and most important ads they could ever do! Who's talking about sleep today? Who cares about our health? 
The world is busy and hectic - time is money and we are always on the run. But who asks us if we had a good sleep? 
Are we sleeping enough to feel how we are supposed to feel? 

Question. Are you sleeping enough? Or how did you sleep last night?

On the company's website, one is able to find plenty of information on sleep, sleep equipment and everything you thought you knew about sleeping! 
I love this offer and I already read myself through this amazing knowledge!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some sleeping tips here on OFF COLOR, too, but I want us to dig in deeper into this, because the info that Ikea is sharing shouldn't be missed. 

That's why I want to focus today on an introduction on sleep and very soon I will share the second part. 

What "shocked" me the most is that the requirement of sleep is something that is passed on to someone through the family - something that is really deep in ourselves. Now we need or have to figure out how to make the best out of it...
Because fact is - if we don't sleep enough or well, we can always work on it and improve our patterns. 

Good to know is that we have 3 sleeping phases which come in 4-5 cycles. Each cycle lasts 1,5 to 2 hours and then we wake up for a couple of seconds to begin with the next cycle. 
One phase is the easy or light sleep which is about 50% of the night. We are calming down, breathing slowly and our temperature is sinking down. This is when our brain gets busy and cleans up its space. 
Another phase is the deep sleep which is about 20% of the night. Here we got the chance to fix our broken cells and we can create new ones. Also our immune system gets support and we can fully recharge our energy. 
One of the "most famous" phases is the REM phase where we basically just dream. This phase is all about good vibes in our bodies. Here we work on our emotions and clean up heavy emotions which were straining us and at the same time our psyche will be strengthened. 

How often do we see babies inside their strollers, arms up, sleeping, even though it's so loud around? How great it would be to lay in there, too, and just sleep like this little one... Babies sleep all day long it seems... and that's almost true. Our need for sleep changes. Babies really sleep a lot, but that changes when growing up. 
As a working human being 7-8 hours of sleep should be perfect for us. That doesn't mean that you are not allowed to sleep more! Just make sure you get all the sleep you really need! Don't refuse it! Because 77% of people don't sleep enough. I guess it's not because they don't want to... it's our lifestyle. We should make sleep a priority and celebrate this kind of lifestyle so everyone joins this party! We would all feel so much better... and so many things would be more relaxing to do... 

Reading those things makes me always realize that I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to sleeping. 
I feel motivated and want to change my whole lifestyle from one of the other second. 
I love this kind of energy, but fastly I am realizing that I can't keep my promises or ideas. 
No worries, this time I think I am approaching better to this and I have the perfect tips for you to slowly start transforming your sleep routine, so you will never ever have bad sleep experiences in your life. 

1. Set a time for every day where you get away from your laptops, cell phones, or whatever keeps you busy all day long. Don't use too many electric devices before bed... your body really needs time to prepare itself to go to sleep. 
2. Choose a day every week where you get some extra sleep (in case you had a busy week and couldn't follow your strict sleeping plan). Even if you slept enough, but you still feel you could sleep a little more - get that extra sleep! Include some power naps and make sure to rest as much as your body asks for!
3. To not struggle so much with getting up in the morning, there is one easy trick. Just get up. Haha, sounds like no trick or special tip, but that's something we never think about. We always let our alarm clock ring as long as it can. Another 10 minutes...more and more minutes until we are actually too late and start with our routine in the most chaotic manner. As soon as your alarm clock rings, get up. turn to your right side and roll out of bed. Wake up and get up. Not wasting a minute!

How good it feels to talk about sleep... 
I would love to read your minds right now. Did you know all of this information? 
Are you interested in learning more about sleep?

I hope this first info and very nice intro from Ikea helps us to redesign our sleep routine. Until the second part, we can sit down and analyze ourselves... 
There's so much we still have to learn, but I think it's exciting to see that we can work on everything and learn plus create new habits. Especially healthier habits.

It's all about our work-life-sleep-balance! 
Keep this balance alive and treat yourself!

Thank you Ikea for spreading awareness on sleeping!