1:42 PM After chatting a little bit about Ikea's perfectly perfect done work-life-sleep-balance and telling you some basic facts about sleep (it's a bit more dens than the info I shared in the past), I want to share a second part, kind of like a little guided "therapy" for us to benefit from. Because fact is that we can share so much info, but what can we do with this? We need solutions for our problems...

So let's dig in again.

I want to share something that also helped me a lot and most importantly it made me feel like I was really able to improve my sleep habits with it.

One of my favorite things to chat or learn about... Interior. One has no clue how much little things affect our sleep cycles...

I guess the most important thing is something you might guess...the bed and the matress. First of all we have to find the perfect bed for us that is comfortable and a source of relaxation. What about your pillow? Is it the right size? Fluffy or rather hard? A pillow and the right blanket (cooling or heating) are the most important for a refreshing beauty sleep.

Then, we continue thinking further about things like Feng shui and the human necessaries. Place the bed so one can see the door and window. With this, we got more light in the room which helps us to wake up faster.

To not mess with your mind, make sure to get the same kind of furniture for the bedroom: one kind of wood, one color, nothing too crazy! Imagine your closet being a big red chunk in the corner...never forget: this piece should be a harmonious opposite to a colorful wall.

Yes, color is allowed, but focus on colors which create space and depth like: violet, blue, and green.

Opposite is actually a perfect theme for the bedroom. Dare some prints if the whole room is soft and untouched, is your closet too big, use lightly flowing curtains, and for a hard wooden floor, add a little carpet that invites to get cozy!

Be sustainable!
Invest once and be happy forever!

Do the same with plants — invest and enjoy the benefits forever! Spider plants or aloe vera are just perfect for our bedrooms. The rule goes like this: each 10m²= 1 plant.

This doesn't sound too hard, right?

Keep it simple and don't make it too complicated in the bedroom. This room is about us... We regenerate ourselves here and need all the tools to feel well, even when we hike through dreamland.

Create a sweet wake up and/ or go to bed ritual, get away from your phone as early as you can, be mindful, grateful, and keep yourself moving. Sports and good nutrients help a lot with sleeping , too.
These are all things we can take care of on a daily basis. Nothing too crazy, everything is quiet easy and soooo goof for ourselves. Why are we still sleeping on this? 

Time to step up and finally take care of our sleep habits. 

Happy sleeping ~