4:43 PM This post today speaks directly from my heart... my deepest fantasies and whatever is inside my head. I think one thing I love the most about summer are ice cream and milkshakes. I could eat them all year around, but I prefer to indulge a lot during the warmer temperatures... 
Since I am dairy free, I suffer a little bit... that's why I call this post today my fantasy.
The truth is, I never tried the combination that I mention here before, but I can see and taste it in my mind - this is something we need this summer for any kind of ice cream party. 

I found this beautiful miso curd recipe in Christina Tosi's baking book "All About Cake". Oh, how much I love baking and Christina Tosi.
Her latest baking book surprised me, but there was also so much culinary stuff that surprised and seduced me. 
The first thing I tried was the miso curd and I was hooked forever. 

I used it for my birthday cake: a cinnamon cake with miso curd and chocolate frosting - I was too fancy, haha. 

The miso curd was something I never tried neither heard before and I can tell you guys that this is something you shouldn't miss in your life. 

It might sound weird or even a bit off in the first moment, but the taste experience will make you numb. Positively.

Imagine a very sexy salty caramel sauce. That's what it is. Just better. 
Now can we imagine this on top of some ice cream? 

I will go to the supermarket and find a very special vegan ice cream to try this fantasy of mine. 

No matter what path I am choosing - ice cream or cake, I know that this recipe will be a perfect addition to it. 
Try it, too!

recipe from Christina Tosi 

YOU NEED 20g miso + 80g unsalted melted butter + 60g light brown sugar + 40g whole milk + 30g miso + 2 large eggs + 2 large egg yolks + 1/2 teaspoon powdered gelatin

1. Heat the oven to 200°C and line a sheet with a silicone mat.
2. Spread 20g miso out 1/4 inch thick on the line baking sheet - bake it until the miso is browned and quit burned around the edges (10 minutes).
3. Combine the gelatin powder with two tablespoons of cold water. Let it bloom 3 to 5 minutes and scoop the gelatin out of the water then.
4. Whisk together the butter, baked miso, brown sugar, milk the other 30g of miso, and the eggs plus the egg yolks in a medium bowl.
5. Now it's time to heat the mixture over low heat with regularly stirring. Once it gets thicker, remove it from heat, put it into a blender and slowly add the gelatin. Blend the curd until it gets thick and smooth.
6. Pour the almost finished curd through a fine-mesh sieve and put it into the fridge to fully cool down.

Mhmmm... the recipe isn't even that hard. That means more fun for us in the kitchen.
Keep the curd cool for a week... perfect timing for this heat wave, right? 
Just make sure to not freeze it!

Have a fantastic and sunny week ~

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: salzig — salty.