Yellow 黃色 Vibes

15:12 PM If you asked me a couple of years ago, I would have told you that my absolute favorite color is black. I loved to wear black 24/7 - it's still one of my favorite colors.... 
Today, I have opend myself a little bit and embraced color in my life. 
I studied some color meanings and I added more and more color to my wardrobe and also my creative work.

Exploring color excites me more than ever before and I love to understand it and learn more about it.
Lately, I am more than intrigued with yellow and turquoise - the perfect occasion to take this as a challenge and create a cozy outfit to really feel the vibes. 

I went with yellow.
Yellow vibes all the way. 
My home also owns special yellow pieces for years already and I feel VERY connected with yellow right now. This has to mean something... 
That's why my yellow tone inspired outfit I wore in NYC is one of my favorite outfits I wore the last couple of months.

Simply vibing. ~
Not competeing against the sun. 
But I'm shining.