3:15 PM Oh yes. Read that again. It sounds disgusting kinda... but it's alright - don't be scared, or turned off. 

For this heat, I want to treat you with one of my current favorite drinks. 
I guess I chose the best weather to share this recipe! 

Super close to my work place there is an Asian tea shop which sells the craziest mixtures, drinks, and creations - all of them are better than the usual tea we love to enjoy. This is next level tea and I feel so behind with all those Asian trends. 

Fact is, I currently gave up on my usual go-to: taro milk tea and created a tiny free spot inside my heart for this buddy here: cheese tea

I actually realized it was a trendy thing after I was done with my tea and wanted to do research about the delicious mixture. 
I was intrigued to try it, because it was simple green tea with something foamy and salty - sounds like something really exciting to me. 

Fact is. This is more than that. 
I googled for a couple of minutes and I learned about Taiwanese cheese tea, as they call it. A trend which is so big in Asia that people wait hours in line to get this special drink. 

In my tea dealer shop there's never a line, nobody is really drinking it, and here it's called foamy tea. Good for me. 

The foamy thing really sparked my curiousity. 
After drinking it, I was offically in heaven and I had the hardest battle to find out what I was actually drinking. 

My research finally explained everything to me. 
This is a simple green tea with a cream cheese foam on top, infused with a hint of salt (you don't really taste the salt). 
That's it.

And I am sooooo in love. 

This is a liquid cheesecake on top of a green tea. 
How dope is that. 
I love cheesecake. 

I know you do, too. 
So here we go. 

This could be your favorite summer drink! 

Taiwanese Cheese Tea 
recipe from Happy Amy

YOU NEED 400ml water + green tea of your choice + 40g cream cheese + 15g sugar + 2g salt + 20g warm milk + 120g whipped cream + ice cubes

1. Prepare the green tea first. Cook some water and let the green tea rest for a couple of minutes.  
2. As soon as the green tea is done changing its color, remove the tea bag and pour it into your desired cup(s). Add ice cubes to cool it down as fast as possible (you can also precook the tea one day before!)
3. Now let's prepare the cheese: mix the cream cheese with the sugar + salt + warm milk and give it a good stir.
4. Add the whipped cream and blend it one more time. Put the mixture now into the freezer for 5-10 minutes. 
5. Take the cheese out of the freezer and whisk it until it gets thicker. 
6. As soon as the consitency is nice and creamy, get your cup of green tea and top it with some spoons of cheese. I prefer a little more - add a layer of one and a half fingers - this is actually a good portion... 
7. Amy adds a bit of matcha powder on top at the end - feel free to do the same! I can go without the matcha! 
8. Slurping time - happy slurping and enjoying this dessert meets refreshing drink! 

What a great beverage to enjoy this monster summer, huh?
Still sceptical? No need to!
Try this and fall in love forever! 
I promise your mouth will be so happy about this experience! 

Tell me what you think about this drink and recipe!
Keep on hydrating, lovebirds! 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Frischkäse — cream cheese.