9:11 PM Ahhh Rihanna, queen of simply everything. I have always loved her — her style, her attitude, and her approach to business. 
What can't she turn into gold? 
How can one be such a bright being like her? Use a lot of Fenty Diamond Bomb highlighter, haha.

But besides of that.. I really admire this woman and her take on life.
May it be feeling more than comfortable being a woman or feeling strong and sexy with curves and no crazy diets.
There's so much we can learn from this island girl. 

I don't want us to imitate Riri — we don't need to copy her, but we can learn a lot from her which can help us feeling like a bomb as boss babe, too.
In an interview, I read about Rihanna's wellness tip — I got curious and more than intrigued learning about it.

The make-up mogul says to maintain a healthy lifestyle and recharge from all the work, she writes "P" in her busy schedule.
"P" stands for personal time and this day is stricly blocked and only for herself.
Setting a priority to heal and recover.

I love this.
It can be so simple.
You don't have to do this every week, but learn from this little tool and try it. Maybe start once a month. Set a day and time and look forward to this moment when you will stay off from work and you just care about your wellbeing! 

Your "P" time could be a sportive activity, a day at the grocery store with a great self-cooked dinner afterwards, a hike in the mountains, going to the zoo or art gallery — the world is yours.

Riri, thanks for the inspiration and this tiny letter which means a lot.

Even if your job isn't being Rihanna, this just shows that no matter what your daily 9-5 is, recreation and recovery matters a lot! 

Take out your calendar or journal and write down a "P" somewhere.

I am writing down my first "P" appointment and I can't wait to repeat this more often in the future.

Make relaxation a priority.

Put yourself first.

Happy "P" day to you! ~ 

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