Pineapple Iced Boeber

9:43 PM Those warm temperatures here bring me back to South Africa and I start missing this exotic and so easy way of living. I immediately think of all the spices, good food, and the best vibes.
One of my favorite things at home I brought back from Cape Town is the boeber mix I got from Rose Corner Café in Bo-Kaap, the Malay neighborhood. 
It reminds me of my favorite place in Cape Town, the fragrance just makes me dream, and it connects me closer to Cape-Malayan culture + cuisine.

I already shared the traditional boeber recipe with y'all. A milk drink that is enjoyed during Ramadan and flavored with aromatic and warm spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Finished with tiny vermicelli noodles and sago pearls, one is enjoying a drink we never imagined it would exist.

I am a milkshake lover and I love iced coffee. For this hot summer, I want a special treat that cools me down and makes me happy. 
One morning I woke up and I was dreaming of boeber. I remembered my iced version from last year's tropical heat wave. 
That was is. I ran to the kitchen and prepared my perfect summer drink: 
iced boeber with pineapple. 
Everything I love to enjoy right. now. Keeping it healthy and so delicious... 

Yes, you need this in your life.
You want it. 


YOU NEED 3/4 - 1 Cups pineapple chunks + 200ml milk of your choice + 3 teaspoons boeber spice blend + 3 tablespoons yogurt + optional some more milk or water to change the consistency 

1. Prepare the boeber first. On medium heat cook the milk with the boeber blend and watch the sugar fully dissolve.
2. As soon as the sugar is dissolved, turn the temperature a bit down and let it sit for 5-7 more minutes. 
3. Check if the noodles are done and remove the pot from the heat.
4. While the boeber cools down, cut and prepare the pineapple. 
5. Measure a cup of pineapple and mix it with some yogurt to a smoothie like thing. We just make sure the pineapple will be puréed and fine - the yogurt is a good support system here. 
6. Once the pineapple mixture is done and the boeber cooled down, mix both together and blend them one more time in your blender.
7. If the consistency is bothering you, one can surely add some more milk or water! 
8. If the noodles or spices annoy you, one can also strain it to get rid of tiny bits and pieces.
9. Serve it very cold with lots of ice! 

A super refreshing drink which really makes your summer perfect. 
Cinnamon and pineapple is a new thing of mine now... I will enjoy this more and I hope you like this combination as well!
If you are still uncertain about boeber... don't worry, don't feel confused - just try it and explore Cape Town and its beautiful culture like that. 
Close your eyes and dream yourself far away.

Happy slurping ~ 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Mischung — blend.