14:23 PM It's time to make our hot summer a bit sweeter by introducing a new OFF COLOR book club! #12 is finally here and I am more than excited to read a new book with y'all!

I was reading a lot the last weeks (more or less mindfullness books and things that not everyone is interested in)...so I was really having a hard time to choose the next one. 
With the book clubs, I always want as many people to join as possible, because I want us to explore topics or genres which are not common or there's a need to be explored a bit deeper. 
I love reading self-help books with you, but I also like reading or studying cookbooks, because all of that makes life so much more fun! 

For summertime fun, I was a bit picky and didn't want to bore you with my "dry readings" (not that they aren't good) - I just want to have a very fun and easy time with y'all.
Also, during summer time, I know how it feels to be outside and read somewhere in the park or at the beach - focusing is hard, and science should be rather read at home when the brain feels fresh and recovered. 

We don't need to think a lot this month and we have a very pretty, visual stimulating, book which won't make us sweat extra hard. 
This read will be a very relaxing, but also refreshing one!

I want us to read Chidera Eggerue's "What A Time To Be Alone"
First of all, I have seen this book on many pages - people really celebrated this book! Also the title and all the colors intrigued me... 

I am in a relationship, but oh boy, I love being alone, too. 
I remember in the past or even today, when I am sharing my travel experiences (which I do by myself), people get confused how I can be by myself so much. 
I also go to the movies alone and I find joy in being alone and create just for myself. 

The book says it really nicely: "A guide to why you are already enough." - that's a fact and I am curious to read Chidera's words and thoughts on this topic. 

I hope you feel happy about this book choice and I can't wait to read this beautiful book with everyone out there!
Get your copy now and take it with you wherever you are enjoying summer right now! 

Take out your journals and notebooks, next month, we will have a great topic to discuss and I bet we will learn a lot from it! I am alrready prepared as you can see above - let's soak this all in! 

Happy summer reading! ~ 


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