8:58 AM I don't want this post here to be a stan — fan girl moment post... it will be hard to hide.... but I try my best.

I have a long history with Pharrell. Growing up, he was (still is) my hero. His music was out of this world! I am not talking about "Happy" or features with big DJs or Snoop Dogg, I am talking about the good old Star Trak days... with Kelis and Clipse.
This continued with falling in love with his brands "Ice Cream" and "Billionaire Boys Club". I supported everything as hard as I could. 
I knew everything he did and became the biggest fan girl. 

When I heard that Pharrell and his family are entering the culinary world with a very special product, I was already sold. 

I was upset I could only get it in NYC, but I had my special dealer to get one from me when I'm not there.
I thought this would be sold out as soon as it hits the market, but this didn't happen.
At Dean & Deluca, one is able to get the very special sauce Pharrell's father created. 
Let me seduce you here already.
A deep and rich flavored sauce one can eat with plenty everything. Sweet and sour sauce meets a good portion of chili and spice! 
I love this!!! 

I am using my sauce only for special dishes right now, because I own just one glass jar (bonus point — very sustainable) and I want to enjoy it with only the good stuff. 

The world is yours here: fish, meat, a nice dipping sauce, vegan dishes, (pssst secret tip: put this on your mac'n'cheese) — this will be your highlight. 
After having my first taste, my imagination said sexy shrimpies. 

That's why I want to share my first take on the Nono sauce! 
It's pretty weird that there aren't as many recipes online as I thought would be... the sauce invites for so many adventures...

But I guess that's why I'm here... testing my fantasies and sharing some ideas which turn out uber fantastic. 
Maybe I inspire you to buy your own Williams Kitchen Nono sauce — maybe you are curious.... 

I am.
Because I want to cook so much more with it.

Back to today's program, the shrimpies. Such a great dish - so easy, so delicious, soooo good.

I feel like the Nono Sauce is made for shrimpies. Period. 

We only need a couple of ingredients and most importantly we let the sauce be the shining rockstar of this dish. 


YOU NEED 250g shrimps + 1/2 Cup Nono sauce + 1 teaspoon garlic + 200-250g green beans + a pinch of sea salt + optional panko crumbs 

1. Wash the shrimps and put them over medium heat with a little oil. 
2. As soon as the shrimps get a little color, add the green beans right away. We are lucky with this dish... both things are cooked very fast, so they can perfectly cook together. 
3. Season our babies. Sprinkle some sea salt and garlic. (I love to add a little dried seaweed, too, to enhance sea flavor). 
4. Add the highlight now: pour in 1/2 Cup of Nono sauce. I start with 1/2 Cup in the beginning... depending on my mood I tend to add more tablespoons at the end when the sauce reduces and gets a big thicker. 
5. Turn up the heat a little bit and let it cook nicely. We want our Nono sauce to develop flavor and glaze the shimps and beans all over. 
6. Don't cook the shrimps for too long, though. 
7. Serve this beautiful dish (and feel free to roast some panko crumbs to garnish this yummy treat!).

Nono Sauce. 
What a dream you are. 
Too dreamy.
Too sexy.
I love you. 

The only problem I realized during writing this post in this instant is... what are we doing now to get a sauce? Dean & Deluca is closing its stores right now and we don't have access to their online shop anymore. I browsed the web and I can't find info about when the leftover stores will finally close, too, and I don't get any info on where to buy more Nono sauce, since it's beeing distributed via Dean & Deluca only. 
Sorry guys for this drama here... 

I don't want to be quiet about this awesome sauce and I hope this doesn't mean the end of the Nono sauce. 
I will surely keep you updated. 

Until then... eat shrimps this summer - no matter with whatever sauce you prefer! You can easily exchange the Nono sauce in this recipe with a sweet & sour or chili sauce you have at home. You can also add some coconut milk and tomato paste or a pesto of your choice. 
Shrimps should be on your menu at least once a week this summer ~ enjoy them!

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Bohnen — beans.