Easy And Carefree Travelling With Away

12:29 PM Vacation time is simply beautiful. 

To have the best vacation, I love to travel super organized and comfortable, this means preparation and the right equipment.
The right suitcase, carry-on, bottles and little boxes, anything you can imagine. 

Flying somewhere (I mostly travel very far away, so that means intense security checks), I am never excited about flying and all the airport chaos. I'm happy as soon as I leave the airport.
I am nervous. I can't deal with all the people, I'm a HSP. 

The past years, I survived the airport chaos and I am always taking the challenge... until one day I told myself that this could be much easier. 
I finally invested in a real travel — airport — flying away equipment. 
I stay in my zen zone forever now... thanks to Away.
I never thought how much this would change! 

I got my suitcase all packed nice and clean and then, turning to my carry-on, I got my things organized and put in place so I know where everything is to have a carefree airport run. 
That's all we are looking for, right?

I love Away for so many reasons. 
Getting their mini suitcase for all my travel necessaries was the best investment I could ever do! I saw online that many people use it for their beauty stuff or putting their travel papers in. 
I love to organize my technic stuff with it, since I am travelling with more than one camera. Always. 
For tinier vacations, I also put important paper in there or a little beauty routine I could treat myself with. On super lazy days, I even take this with me to work, because it's safe and such a sexy eye-catcher. 

There's so much more to love about Away. 
It's more than a simple luggage company - it's a community and platform that gives back. With every purchase on their website, one is helping their partners at Peace Direct who build peace in areas of conflict around the world. 
A very good cause to support and love. 

I am never going away from Away and I am happy to celebrate companies like them. 
Due to my weird being, I take extra focus on things many people don't do... I see it as a blessing. No matter what situation comes my way - I can handle it better. The stress that comes along with it will easily be pushed aside, because I got the right things in my life which help me coping with ANYTHING so much easier.
And that's how I feel with Away.

Vacation doesn't mean stress to me anymore. 

Happy travelling season! ~