4:41 PM Ooookay. Let's take a deep breath. I might take more than one.

Meal prep month was a lot of cooking, sharing info + tips, and connecting closer through food stories. 
It's not about demonstrating how I live — I just want to share amazing things which make my life so much easier and tastier. Maybe that's something for you, too... 
It's all about knowledge.
Spreading vibes.
You decide what to do with it.

That's how I roll here.
I am an activist if you want to call it for all the things food, sustainability, and well-being.
They all go together. 

Since I chose the hottest time of the year to decide to move to my new apartment, I need some extra attention on the above mentioned topics.
I am all about well-being and even during a move I want to feel the best.
One thing that turns me on a loooot is cleaning.
I need to keep my surroundings clean to feel fully okay. I am chaotic by nature, but I hate dirty places. Cleaning makes me happy and I love cleaning my comfort zone. A very good start to create a base for happy vibes only.
What's even more fun here is the fact that I am starting to make all my cleaning stuff by myself — it's cheaper, sustainable, and so much better. Period.

My favorite all-rounder is my citrus infused cleaner.
It's so easy to recreate and you can't believe how good it smells — no chemistry, all natural, babey!

Grab an old bottle (a spray bottle would be best) + vinegar essence + all kinds of citrus fruits + optional essential oils like lavender or peppermint 
Be aware that the preparation takes about 14 days!

A great diy to get rid of all the citrus skin waste we produce during winter time! Never throw away citrus peels! 
Make sure to remove all the meat from the citrus peel (I took a mix of 1 lemon, 1 grapefruit, and 6 tangerines). Place them in a glass jar until the glass is stuffed. Fill in the vinegar essence until all the citrus skins are covered. Close the jar and place it somewhere it can rest with no interruption and not as much light as right in front of a window. Let the mixture rest for 14 days so the skins can ferment and spread their aroma and oils. 
After 14 days, open the glass jar, strain the orange or yellow infused vinegar (the smell….mhmm) and save the vinegar only – the citrus skins go into trash or you compost them. 
Now it’s time to fill up the vinegar mix with some water to make it less acid. It’s up to you if you mix the cleaner 1:1 or 2:1 water to vinegar. I went with 1:1 – adding the same amount of water to the citrus vinegar I had after straining it. 
If you like to smell more than citrus while cleaning, you can also add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture. Here you can create a cleaner for the bath room with some eucalyptus and for the bedroom with some lavender, for example. 
Fill it into your spray bottle and start cleaning right away. 

Yes, that's all we got to do. Very easy, very versatile, and so satisfying. 
Once you created your first batch, the world is yours to create more and also test different scents. Create a special Christmas fragrance once the holidays come... mix and test your favorite blend - 
I know you will love this!

Enjoy this diy! ~


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