3:43 PM I am the biggest fan of pizza and I absolutely love to dive into NYC's wild and crazy food scene, but here and then, I crave something beyond healthy. Something natural which gives me a pure boost and a vitamin bomb which helps me to feel less heavy from all the cheese and gluten, haha. 

I never come to NYC to eat all healthy, but knowing about my options makes my daily easier and less stressful. After eating bad for 3 days, I decided to hit a spot of which I knew it would make me feel the happiest. 
It was raining and super windy in the city and my body felt super low. I craved fruits and decided to enjoy them in a liquid way. What's the best address for a juice? My sister says Joe & The Juice

Being in the middle of SoHo, I remembered I passed the spot already, I knew where to go and I was hyped to have my first juice from Joe & The Juice. 
My sister is a big fan of the spot... I was intrigued to see how dope it really is... 

I entered and the place was crowded! Music playing and the juice machines were running loudly. I read the menu and I couldn't believe about their great selection and mixtures! 

My first juice bar experience was in Cape Town and somehow I felt like I was back in Cape Town. All those exotic and delicious fruits... extravagant flavor, superfood, and good vibes for your body! I decided to go with the Sport Juice - pineapple, passion fruit, and apple! A dream combination! 
I ordered, took a seat, and checked the place one more time! 

People don't only come in to drink a healthy juice, but also to eat sandwiches, and drink coffee - a cool place to hang around, have a conversation, chill, and just enjoy some time off. 
I really loved the vibe! 

Since there were too many people around and I wanted to enjoy the juice by myself, I headed outside and continued fighting with this crazy wind! But all was good, because I had my juice! 
It was fresh, the color was amazing, and I loved how pure the taste was! I am a passion fruit freak... I knew it would be amazing!!
This is sometimes the best snack or refresher one can ask for - a healthy juice with tons of good vibes! Try it yourself! ~ 

Joe & The Juice, 67 Spring St ($) 


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