11:43 AM You know my love for coffee, right? 
One day, I told myself that I will test EVERY café that is in NYC, just because. 
Okay, maybe not just because, not a FOMO, but a feeling of "god, I need to try it or else I will be mad". Because let's be honest — you will enjoy the best and wildest things in the Big Apple, where else? 
I live in a really wonderful and big city in Germany, but the best chai latte I will get at Starbucks 🤷🏻‍♀️ and matcha lattes... don't get me started. It's all seasonal and beyond bad.
So thinking about milk options already makes my head explode... I create the perfect drink at home! Sigh.... 

That's why as soon as I am in the crazy Big Apple, I am living lavish. 
I want to try it all and switch around my options. 
That's why I was intrigued to test Café Integral

A café I have been seeing a lot on Instagram and it directly spoke to me! South American, to be more specific Nicaraguan, coffee drinks and almost 1 million milk choices — note all made in house! So fresher is not even possible. 

The café is cute. It's located on Elizabeth St and if it wasn't for the sign outside, I would walk by. It's white and clean, very inviting! I really like the café's design and interior.

Music is playing, they just opened, and the first women come in to get their iced lattes or americanos for after their workout. 
I'm in between, pondering which milk I should choose from. 

Looking around, you'll also find a little merchandise and coffee beans corner for your at home experience. There's also seating around so that a couple of people can enjoy their coffee situation right there.

I took my coffee to-go and decided to take a café latte with homemade coconut milk
The straw I grabbed was a recycled one, so I left the café with an even happier heart! 

Back in my hotel, I enjoyed my coffee and some treats I got from Chinatown. 

I loved how creamy and fresh my coffee tasted! It was very strong, but I could tell that this is not your average coffee. 

Kudos to the homemade coconut milk! (The coffee was really worth the price). 

Café Integral is a really nice and cozy place! But I would mainly recommend this to coffee connoisseurs, because there are people on this planet who think that all coffee is the same and there are people who already smell the difference of a coffee bean coming from Kenya or Columbia. I think that people who are mad coffee lovers will really enjoy this culinary journey through Nicaragua! 

I really enjoyed the experience and my coffee definitely woke me up... I am glad to have tested Café Integral! Maybe they have sparked a little something inside of me for Nicaraguan coffee — who knows? 

Coffee lovers unite.

Café Integral, 149 Elizabeth St, New York ($$)


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