12:06 PM Ok, ok. This is a lovestory I should have shared a long time ago.
It's so deep and special, I enjoyed it all by myself without sharing any info. To end meal prep month right, I am finally talking about this romantic get together.

Something that really turns me on in the kitchen is when things don't take too long and I don't have to invest all my energy to create something magical.
One basic thing I tend to struggle with is cooking rice (are you serious?!). It never was fluffy enough, it burned, the pot was cooking over, and all I got was a handful of frustration. 

My co-worker, a cute Asian lovebird, told me about how amazing her rice cooker is. "How unnecessary," I thought. 
She told me more and more about it.
One week later she hooked me up with a Chinese girl who's selling her rice cooker! We get in contact and two days later, I was the owner of a Chinese rice cooker! 

Let me tell you that the beginning was quiet interesting. Everything is in Chinese and I needed to figure out where to find which option.
My rice cooker isn't singing for me (just like my co-worker's), but I wanted to cover the basic functions (whatever that is...)

If you don't know: there are rice cookers from cheap to expensive with a good choice of options, depending on what you are looking for! 
Mine is able to cook rice normally, then I have a perfection option which is a quickie at the same time, I can bake cake, keep my rice warm for a certain amount of time, and I can also use it to make hot pot (Chinese soup). 

Well... I just want fluffy rice and a clean kitchen.
And that is what I got.

No effort.
No sweat.
I stay calm and I enjoy the BESTTTT rice of my life! 
The pineapple fried rice? I make it in there. 
It's my wonder machine. 

Oh, I forgot to mention... the best 8€ I ever spent! ~ 

Time to invest, too. 
This is the perfect tool for meal prep and so much more! 
Ready for crazy rice cooker recipes? I think I am! 


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