5:35 PM I remember how frustrated I was before meal prepping! A lot of stuff should be in your pantry and we need a little variety here and then. My shopping lists were long. I felt poor after each shopping spree... but it was worth it! 
Becoming more and more green and less wasteful, I am still a fan of stocking up and always being prepared, but I do this intentionally and I think about each purchase 22 times. My brain is also constantly thinking how to treat waste and I feel like I'm on a good path to feel green and budget friendly with a stocked and ready kitchen.

Let's be honest. How many times were you cooking something and the one special ingredient was missing? Or you want to eat a certain dish, but the main ingredients (which you already used last week) haven't been restocked yet and you don't want to go outside again?! I know these scenarios... 
That's why I check my kitchen 2-3 times. I'm not a psycho, I am just super organized ~ 

Let's talk the main facts here. What do I hoard in my freezer? 

ice cubes: duh. really. I can always use them. 
frozen yogurt: I love ice cream, but I haven't found my dream vegan ice cream yet, so I have to eat dairy free frozen yogurt! Quick, healthy, and so soothing when it's hot outside!
cold brew cubes: I never finish a whole bottle of cold brew. I might use it for two coffees and then I'm done! To not be wasteful, I pour it into am ice cube tray. Such a good thing when I'm on my way to work and I need a quick coffee fix in the morning.
chai tea concentrate cubes: same goes with this buddy! I'm filling all the concentrate into an ice cube tray, so I can enjoy chai tea whenever I feel like it! 
grapefruit juice cubes: In many of my recipes I have been using grapefruit juice as the special ingredient. I never get 50ml of grapefruit juice and the fruit itself is always expensive here. So I am buying the standard 1l bottles and create cubes again which can be used for many more dishes later! These last the longest in my freezer haha. 
dumpling wrapper: Because sometimes, my inner Chinese wants to come out and create some magic in the kitchen! Dumplings are life. Period.
edamame: Nothing at home that you can snack? Edamame! It's such a sexy snack — add some salt on top and you will never eat chips again! 
something green: broccoli, peas, or beans — rent week is always around and I still want to eat healthy! Need some extra greens on the plate? I'm always prepared! 
prepared smoothie bags (currently spinach and pineapple): Before my spinach gets too soggy and disgusting, I throw it into the freezer with a handful of fruits for a super spontaneous breakfast smoothie in the future! It can be so easy!
one portion of meat (currently chicken breast): Just like I said — sometimes I'm too lazy or too tired to go shopping. That's why I love to have some meat at home to be able to cook myself a nice soup or a very simple dinner with a side of greens! Again: preparation is the key! 

It doesn't sound crazy.
The stuff that lives in my freezer is something I consume a lot and I prevent bad food choices by having those things always close to me! 

I feel happy having my uniform either way in the fridge or freezer! 
It gives me a feeling of security and it teaches me to treat my food well.
Less waste — more usage. Being creative and carefree. 

What's your freezer secret weapon? 


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