5:18 PM Being so damn often in NYC, I actually believe every time that this is it. Now I have found my perfect spot, my comfort zone. 
I am sensitive to so many vibes and I love to escape from the city here and then, so the Bowery was the perfect cozy hiding place for me. I just love the Bowery! 
Until I tried another hotel this year.

This hotel made me discover LES (Lower East Side) a bit further and I turned my back on my beloved Bowery. The hotel I'm talking about is the Orchard Street Hotel
I was actually not that far away from Bowery... only 2-3 parallel streets were separating us. 
Online, I found the Orchard Street Hotel and I wondered why I never came across it! 
I was intrigued and excited to stay there during my trip this February.

Passing my Bowery, I went through Stanton St, said good morning to one of my favorite art parks (more on it here), and took a right after Allen St — et voilà! LES I'm all yours now. 
I have been there a couple of times, but only rushing through. My so far favorite covered places there would be Chillhouse and Supermoon Bakehouse

Now I will rest here for 5 days and soak all the LES vibes in. 
You almost pass Orchard Street Hotel, even though it's a high rise building. There's a little yard in the front and graffiti art which will give you the right hint that you are right. 
Entering the hotel, it's cute, chic, really modern and inviting. Nothing too big, but I love the vibe. 
"9th floor," the receptionist told me, so I got in the elevator and travelled to my room.
I saw some pictures online of course, but in real, this looks even cooler!! 
The size of the room was actually bigger than I imagined it to be! On the right side is a very spacious bath room — super modern equipped and designed and then you'll find a huuuuge bed right behind it, melting together with the window, so you'd think you sleep in heaven.
A full window front! A beautiful view over LES and I could also spot the pink bridge that goes straight to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
Again, wow.
This was it. 

I got comfortable for an hour and then I checked out the neighborhood! Oh god, there's a lot! As I already mentioned Supermoon Bakehouse, Rosario's Pizza, Regina's, tons of bodegas, and cute little cafés.

What's even better... if you have to check your budget and you don't want to drink an expensive coffee every morning, the hotel offers a hot beverage bar where you can drink tea and coffee 24/7. 
I got myself hot water and a tea in the morning and I really enjoyed my morning routine in my pjs meeting all kind of people in the elevator while I burned my hands from holding too many cups at once. 

All in all I can say that this is by far the best hotel I have stayed in NYC and I am more than excited to return soon! 
LES is really cool, but I guess I need more time to explore it— until then, I will share some more nice spots in the next posts with y'all. 

Now tell me about your favorite hotels in NYC! Have you ever slept in LES?

Orchard Street Hotel, 163 Orchard St , nightly rate 117€ - often you can get cheaper prices on diverse websites, I paid below $100  ($) 


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