7:47 PM I never ever ever ever thought of being such a big fan of farming or growing my own stuff! 
This is my third year of becoming a good ass city farming girl ~ 

I really like vegetables, but sometimes I really don't understand why they are so expensive plus in bad quality — too ripe, not ripe enough, etc. 
There's spinach, for example, that I like to eat, but I never buy a perfect bag of spinach at the supermarket... that's why I'm investing less and less.
Three years ago, I talked to my mom, reminiscing about the days were she grew the juciest tomatoes on our balcony. I wanted to continue this old tradition... with spinach! 

My war started! I was on a mission and I was more than ready! 

I invested 0.29cents for a bag of spinach seeds, planted them in April with the first sunshine, and watched it grow super fast after 2 weeks. All of a sudden, our balcony was rich of spinach! 
Oh, and how lovely it looked! 
Juicy, green, and fresh! 
I can top that...

Testing my spinach was even more magical! I have never had such a good spinach in my life! No sogginess, not weird taste! A slight crisp, fresh green vibes, and so much money I would save now! 

Now we talking 🤙🏼

As I mentioned in the beginning, this is my third year growing my own veggies and this year I am proud to announce that I am a kale mama, too! 
The balcony is more than green and blooming right now! We also grow salad and I feel like next year, I will have the muse and dedication to grow even more! 

All the good and healthy greens for less than 1€! 
My perfect buddy for meal prep! I'm saving money and I can always spontaneously add greens to my dishes! 

Happy growing season, yo! 


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