4:58 PM We reached the half time of our wonderful meal prep month and next to delicious and easy recipes, I am also giving you plenty of tips how to start with meal prep and what to take care of! 

Again, meal prep isn't that hard, we just need to start somewhere and organize ourselves. 

This means a lot of knowledge about food, our taste, and our kitchen pantry. If your kitchen is almost empty, you need to start with a certain uniform to cook diverse and especially intriguing things. Other people already have a stuffed pantry, but they don't know what to do with it. Less is more... maybe you should check what you REALLY need and especially like and say goodbye to stuff that hides in the darkest corner, because you won't use it ever! 

I love to keep my pantry and shelves simple. I have a certain selection of things (and I love to try new stuff) and I also keep it simple with the most "boring" spices or add ins - just because. 

Today, I want to share some basic pantry staples I am using within this meal prep month and every other day! I said it in the meal prep hack post already - it's best to go shopping when there are certain things on sale and you better invest in bulks, than rebuying each product after 3 days. Save some money and preplan a little bit. Canned and frozen food is not a problem, it's cheap and it's always handy to have something which can give your menu the special something you were missing! 

Get some inspiration below and clean your pantry today! 

Let's start from left to right. 

CHICKPEAS. I love chickpeas. I buy 2-3 cans a week. Even if my recipe calls for one can only, I am always happy to have some in my pantry left, because there's so much I can do! Desserts, hummus, crispy chickpeas, a nice salad add-in, sooo much more! It's cheap, it's healthy, and so yummy. 

EGGS. Eggs are a must! I am not a big egg fan (even though I love fried rice with eggs), but I always need tons of eggs for baking! So eggs should be always around or I get mad! 

COCOA. I'm craving a lot of chocolate and when I'm baking (which I do too often) I need a lot of cocoa! It's also my secret weapon for Mexican food ~

COCONUT SUGAR. Sugar is always a must in any household. Sugar, flour, salt, pepper... keeping it simple. I updated my pantry and swoped unhealthy sugar with healthier options! Coconut sugar is just perfect to me, because it has a nice caramel flavor! Yaaaas, more please! 

ADAPTOGENS. There are thousands of adaptogens out there. Oh boy, the list is long and getting hands on each and everyone of them takes forever and costs a lot. I got my little army of products I love and take daily: ashwagandha, lucuma, moringa, matcha, reishi, maca - it's always good to have these buddies around (not only for smoothies and coffee). 

EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL SEASONING. This is the most genius thing in my kitchen. Not only because I love bagels and I dream of NYC when I eat this spice blend, but to be honest - this is just sexy. Garlic, salt, a little sweet also... nutty. Who needs plain salt when this spice blend can pimp ANY dish? 

OAT MILK. I either way make my own oat milk or I get my hands on my favorite oat milk from Oatly. There's no other oat milk which is so creamy and silky! 

SEAWEED. I am a seaweed baby. I love seaweed. The perfect snack and such a good spice for any dish! Yes, keep the salt away and add some seaweed! I also love leftover days where I have plenty of veggies and then I just cook some rice and make some awesome sushi! 

WHOLE-WHEAT NOODLES. I get cravings, too, and sometimes all I need in life is a bowl of satisfying pasta! Spaghetti or mac'n'cheese... I love noodles - in moderation. 

OATS. I think I use oats the most in my household. I eat it with yogurt, I drink it, I incorporate it in my baking things... I just buy it like crazy! It's a cheap and so handy kitchen staple. 

BEANS. Just to be save, I always have beans around. Kidney beans or adzuki beans! I actually save them for stews or quick salads. Lately I am adding more beans to my bakings - so it's good to add these buddies to your cakes and cookies, too. Less usage of flour and more healthy for everyone! 

GLUTEN-FREE FLOUR. I said it already. Flour is important and I just love flour. Unfortunately, I bloat a lot and just like my sugar revolution, I am starting to invest more in gluten-free flours which make baking even more fun now! Less bloating and healthy vibes!

RICE. I used to eat a lot of rice! Now I am not cooking it every week, but I am happy to always have some rice in my pantry. Whenever I feel lazy, I love to cook a quick rice dish, or I add it to a low carb dinner, where I need some extra energy sources. Rice is just perfect to have around. 

SALSA OR SAUCES. This can be ketchup or a fruity salsa. I love to have any kind of sauce at home (especially for BBQ season). Currently, I am totally addicted to Pharrell's NONO sauce which is a mix of McDonald's sweet and sour sauce with a  kiss from hoooot chili. It's amazing! 

TOMATO SAUCE. Whenever my noodle craving hits me, I am glad to have some tomato sauce at home! I really don't need it often, but it's good to have it around. When I don't have time to shop, I always have the best ingredients at home to make a low-key chili and my day is saved! ~ 

As you can see, it doesn't need to be fancy. 
I know there are many people out there and everyone has a personal taste. As I mentioned in the beginning - this is my taste! I love to keep it simple, sometimes a bit exotic, and other days, I feel like I have to experiment with flavors. Currently, my kitchen is full and I am switching around my favorite recipes. For this, my pantry is perfect. But maybe there comes a time where I will cook different things for my every day and then I will also update my pantry. 
Until then, I save a lot of money and time! 

Let's enjoy a beautiful weekend! ~ 


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