#MealPrepFun: Chinese Meatballs With Broccoli

11:19 AM I feel like this meal prep month is going by too fast. I don't know how you feel about this month's theme and vibes, but I hope I can reach some of you out there and maybe inspire you to try meal prepping! 

I decided to give this next week a fancy glitter and ohhh yassss moment! We will eat fancy, y'all. 
A little fanciness won't hurt anyone - you know why? Because I give you the healthy option and we still shine and feel flawless - now say what. 

Yes, close your eyes. What's a nice comforting food you like to eat but you are not sure about your healthy nutrition or you want to only feel benefits and not any extra kilos or bad guilt. I got you.

I told you, food is something special to me. It's sexy, it's attractive, and it makes me happy. A pizza slice from NYC makes me the most excited, but I also love to eat a well marinated and pretty salad... Feeling fancy doesn't need to be a high calorie dinner or lunch. When we think about fancy food, we want the bad stuff. Junk food, everything fried, a lot of fat, plenty of empty carbs, and we are eating until we reach a food coma. When I started eating healthy, I thought that this food is dead for me... It kind of is, but I learned to recreate my fancy dishes into a healthy option. Because we don't have to eat like crazy animals. We can keep a healthy schedule and indulge thinking we eat the nastiest dinner, even though we created a fueling and healthy dish.
There's always a healthy option and yes we can feel fancy with our dirty fantasies in our heads, trust me. 

Remember, I don't force you to eat healthy - this is up to you. It's just something I learned over the last years. I am eating healthier and I feel way better. And yes, I still eat pizza here and then. I just study my food more now and I learn to trick my brain... eating something dirty in a healthy way, makes our brain think we are eating a cheat meal or something that soothes our cravings while looking like a Victoria's Secret model💪🏼

DINNER IDEA: Chinese meatballs with broccoli 

That sounds....yummy.
Let's continue. 


YOU NEED 800g broccoli + 1/2 Cup soy sauce + 1/8 Cup Teriyaki Sauce + 1/2 Cup coconut sugar + a splash of maple syrup + 1/2 teaspoon ginger + 50ml grapefruit juice + sesame + 1 tablespoon brown rice vinegar + 400-450g ground beef + 2 teaspoons all spice seasoning + 1 1/2 teaspoons tōgarashi spice + 1 egg + 1-2 tablespoons panko crumbs + 1 tablespoon wakame seaweed + 1 teaspoon sesame oil 

1. To focus on the meatballs fully, cook the broccoli first. Just put them in a pot of water and let them simmer for 5-10 minutes over medium to high heat. I like my greens to be a bit crunchy, so I always cook them for a tiny amount of time. It's up to you! As soon as the broccoli is done, set it aside and let it cool down. 
2. Let's prepare the meatballs. Take the ground beef and put it in a large mixing bowl. Season it with all spice seasoning and tōgarashi spice (I love this, because there's orange zest and all the yummy stuff you can imagine with a hint of spiciness) (you can also use chilli here, just use less then) and give it a good first stir. We want all the meat to get to know the spices. 
3. Now add the egg and some sesame oil to give the meat some material to work with to stay in shape when we are making balls. I love to add sesame oil because of it's flavor! You can also leave it out... it's a Chinese inspired dish, so I always like to create A LOT of flavor. 
4. Add the panko crumbs and some wakame seaweed and let the kneading and massaging start. 
5. Incorporate all the ingredients nicely and be very tender with your meat. 
6. Remove the meat mixture from the bowl and put it on your work desk. I love to treat my meat for 1-2 minutes like a baking dough and knead it as if I had a yeast dough in front of me. I believe this helps making it tender and just perfect to not fall into pieces in my pan. 
7. After the massage session, divide the meat into 16 little pieces and form balls with your hands rolling the meat between them. Put the meatballs in a bowl afterwards and put them into the freezer before cooking.
8. While being in the freezer, prepare the sauce. Take out a big pan and add the coconut sugar with the Teriyaki sauce first. Let the sauce cook over medium heat, so nothing is burning here. 
9. Once the sugar is fully dissolved, add the soy sauce and a splash of maple syrup. Keep stirring. 
10.  Now let's make this a bit sexier by adding a little sour note with vinegar, a little spice from the ginger, and my favorite: grapefruit juice. Time to turn up the heat. 
11. We have many ingredients in the pan now - let it cook and get to know each other. When the heat is higher, we bring everything to a boil which creates a better consistency. So don't worry - let it cook and make bubbles. 
12. If you want to have a super rich and thick sauce, you can add some corn starch - it's optional. Let it simmer or just rest a little bit before we add the meat balls. 
13. Let's get back to the fridge to get the meatballs. They are a bit colder now - nice and firm and still in a good shape which is all we want.... Throw them into a pan and cook them for 3 minutes on high heat each side. We want to have a little crust and a lot of flavor before adding the balls to our sauce. 
14. Once the meatballs are cooked and not pink anymore, add them to the simmering sauce and glaze them from each side. 
15. Let everything cool fully down before you transfer them into an airtight container. 
16. For every dinner, I am heating up 3-4 meatballs and I drizzle my broccoli with the awesome soy sauce and sprinkle everything with sesame. Okay, bye. I'm off eating this now. ~~

Ahhhh, what a fancey week. 
Yes, enjoy this. 
Sit down and tell yourself you deserve this. You worked hard, you eat harder. 
And let's be honest this is not bad at all for you. 

Remeber to eat the "more heavier" stuff early, so we don't go to bed with a full and bloated stomach. Time your day right, eat smaller portions, but don't forbid yourself to eat your bad food fantasies. 
Whatever you choose to do with this post here - share it! I'm curious to hear your opinion and your experiences! If you have any further questions, contact me and I will get back at you!

*Also don't forget to always drink enough water. 

Happy meal prepping! 🙃

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: extravagant — fancy.