10:23 AM First of all: hi lovebirds! It's good to see you all back for our second week of fun meal prepping! 
After my 1000 years of having anxiety and trying to deal with hormones, my body, and life, I finally learned that a lot of my health conditions come simply from food. More or less. 
Yes, maybe you read this here for the first time, but guess what, serotonin the sweet thing that makes us happy (for example after eating chocolate) doesn't happen in our brain, it's waaaay lower! 70% of our serotonin is made in our guts - the weird land of digestion! Too much info. Not for me. 

This was an info which was essential to me to understand that my mood is super sensitive to food! My anxiety, my depression, my panic attacks - it all happens down there! Looking back at my nutrition as a kid, I totally understand this unhealthy relationship. 

Today, as a grown-up woman, I studied a lot of food and I studied myself. 
I am capable of so much and I am the boss when it comes to deciding what mood I'm in today! To enhance this vibe, I know that I can easily trick myself with certain food groups to keep the good vibes coming, and the negative stuff going! 
I want to explore the world of anxiety releasing food! Food that makes me happy, full of energy, and just healthy. 

I went to Pinterest to see some helping graphics which teach me about the best foods for curing anxiety and stress. I wrote down a list and wondered what to eat.

I don't know if you have any issues with anxiety or if you are in close contact with your mental health, but no matter how old you are, taking care of certain things inside your body is major! Eating healthy or focusing on food which is benefiting certain body parts, organs, or whatever is there deep inside of us, is so important to live a happy life. Curing the body with healthy food is not a punishment - there are tons of ways to maintain a sexy snack or a finger licking good dinner - again health can be beyond tasty, and we are here to adapt or at least get to know this message. 💪🏼

"Well, I'm not crazy, I don't need this...." - all you gotta be is a human being who cares about living a long and healthy life on this planet! I care about you... please care about yourselves, too! 

SNACK IDEA: dark chocolate covered apricots 
*dark chocolate and apricots are the perfect buddies to help easing anxiety and mood swings - so why not combining both? 


YOU NEED 250g dried apricots + 1 bar of dark chocolate + additional toppings like shredded coconut if you wish 

1. Over medium heat, melt the chocolate bar in a pot and wait until it gets liquid and glossy. 
2. Line your apricots on a plate or cutting board. 
3. As soon as the chocolate is fully melted, dip in the apricots and put them back on their plate. 
4. If you like to you can finish the apricots with some shredded coconut or you can also sprinkle some cinnamon or sea salt.

Whatever you choose to do with this post here - share it! I'm curious to hear your opinion and your experiences! If you have any further questions, contact me and I will get back at you! 

*Also don't forget to always drink enough water. 

Happy meal prepping! 🙃

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Angstgefühl — anxiety.