1:04 PM It's a beautiful day to celebrate a very special day - world oceans day! 
I want y'all to enjoy this day to the fullest and remember what it stands for. Be extra careful of your choices today and please protect what needs to be protected! It's not about me - it's about us - our next generations. 

Remember? I am still fundraising for mi blue passion and I am always happy to collect some $ to help ocean organizations and clean-ups to make our place a better place. Find out more about it here

I am so happy about all the waves coming out of the nowhere all of a sudden. It's been a while. I am hustling for my oceans now for a little bit, I am not a beginner anymore, and it is so refreshing to see that so many people refuse single-use plastic now. States and whole countries go crazy and release bans which gives me chills and hope for a very green and blue future - still, don't forget, we can only do this together.

Donate for my fundraise or join adidas and Parley to get active during ocean week and collect with each kilometer you run 1$ for the oceans! Just register via Runtastic and run for your life, haha. I try to run every day this week and I am happy that from year to year more and more people join this very easy way to raise awareness and do something good! 

Back to today's topic. 
June just begun and I am happy to talk more about meal prep with you. 
Today I want to focus on a very simple thing: the equipment

I remember when I started with meal prep - serious meal prep, I was a bit confused and overwhelmed, because I didn't know how many boxes I need and what's important to have. Do I need special equipment? And oh, I have to stay as green as possible. Yeah, I could keep it easy breezy and just use tons of plastic things, but this is not why I want to meal prep. I want to experience a very green and satisfying meal prepping. 

So what do you need to do when starting with meal prep? 
Well, since you are having a kitchen and some bowls already, check your stock. 
What do you own? What can you use? 


  • big boxes for anything casserole meals, pasta and rice dishes, stews, but also salads 
  • bigger bowls for soups or anything that is very liquidy 
  • casserole pans which can be covered with some bees wrap 
  • tons of mason ball jars for breakfasts, smoothies, salad dressings 
  • stasher bags, because I love them, but also for nuts, fruits, cookies, bars, breakfast cake to go
  • silicone or metal reusable straws, because you always need a straw 
  • a personal lunchbox (because you might have a job)
  • also something very important: enough bottles, because hydrating is so important!!

Doesn't sound that bad, right?

I guess we all have certain things already in our cabinets! That's why it's not bad to have a crazy colored collection (don't worry) at home. 
Speaking about my collection, I have my basic glass boxes selection which I got from Ikea and the rest is one box that I got during my vacation in South Africa which is so good for snacks or little things for on the run, the other boxes are reusable take-away boxes from my favorite Japanese restaurant and my beloved stasher bag! My kitchen is also full with jars which I am using 24/7. It's not about a fancy collection - it only matters that you have enough things to prepare the best meal prep and just feeling safe. 

As you can see, I try to reuse a lot of the things that I have, but I also invested a little money when I started with meal prepping! I got many reusable straws, cutlery for the run, my favorie lunch box and I actually could use a little more... I just love covering myself with kitchen equipment! 
But for now I will try to get along with my basic equipment. 

In a later post, I will also show you the other side of equipment I love to use to prepare my meal prep! I know you think I cook with 5 different pots plus a fully packed oven - nooooo, there's an easier way! Stay tuned!

I hope your meal prepping is as smooth as it can be!
Keep cooking and stay blue for the oceans ~ 


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