2:23 PM Again, I'm interrupting our sexy meal prep session for a post which is really dear to my heart and I hope I can reach as many people as possible out there! 

I am currently educating myself on organizations, foundations, and people who invest a lot of time and energy in mental health and its awareness. One foundation that is making my heart beat faster is the Born This Way Foundation founded by Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta. 

The BTW Foundation is committed to supporting the wellness of young people - well-being for everyone, I love that.
Through empowerment, empathy, support, and an open ear, the foundation is creating a kinder and braver world by creating programs and cooperating with business around the globe. 

Lady Gaga says that, “In order to heal you have to feel.” - an incredibly good attitude and so much heart and soul.

I want to support this foundation with all my heart and that's why I am happy to spread their latest accomplishment and very intriguing project. 

In the past, the foundation worked with the Starbucks Foundation to promote kindness in a cup via special refreshing drinks. Since June is ringing in Pride Month, the coffee house and the Born This Way Foundation start another collaboration on mental health and the LGBTQ community
Both stars want to improve access to mental health resources and support organizations around the country who are making a difference for LGBTQ communities. 

A great cause and a great opportunity to learn more about the issues which are currently existing. 

Let's celebrate pride this month and help building a kinder world by donating a little amount of money - because we should all care about this. 
The Starbucks Foundation will match donations made through this page between June 1, 2019 and June 30, 2019, up to $250,000. That's a word, right? 

I love this campaign and I hope that you feel inspired to donate, help, and raise awareness as well! Mental health is important and it's even more important that no matter who you are, everyone has the same right for mental health and a kind association with each other. 

Be kind. 
Be kind.
Be kind. 
It's so easy. 

Listen to your friends and ask them how they feel. 
Share contacts and info if someone in your close circle needs help. 
Thank you Born This Way Foundation and Starbucks Foundation for doing great actions like this!  


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