Welcome To The Good Series!

6:28 PM I promised you that I will have a big finale for this year's mental health awareness month! It has been such a wonderful ride with you and I am so happy about the feedback I got for my mental health focused posts the last weeks!

It feels like therapy writing all of these words down to help you, spread "knowledge", or just trying to connect with everyone who has the same issues...

Mental health is still a bit "off-topic" and people judge way too much about it, before knowing the essential! Many kids are out there who don't know how to wake up every morning and have a good day, even though they feel like breathing on this planet is torture. I know it's hard to be out there alone and feeling like no one understands anything. I know it's hard when you need help, but you don't know how and whom you can turn to.

I want to make mental health a normal topic. Not a taboo topic. I want to help and give you a platform to discuss, exchange, and inspire.

For anyone who feels lost.
I created a new series which will make the approach to mental health so much sweeter.

Because life is hard, yeah. But it's beautiful.
Pain is okay. Pain is good. Feel all the emotions, lovebird. It helps you a lot to also interact with other human beings later on. Understand body language. Understand yourself.
Listen to your body. Keep moving and don't stop taking care of yourself inside out.
You can surely fall. You will get up then and continue shining.
This whole journey is about growth and a lot of love. Connecting. Vibing. Recharging. Creating.
And a lot of breathing.
Don't worry - you will get there. Life is not always the way it seems to be right now.

With the #goodseries I will explore some main features of a healthy and good vibing life. A little nutrition, a little workout, and a lot of self-knowledge!

This journey will be beyond exciting and I can't wait to learn from you, too!

If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to contact me! Write me a mail, tweet me, or holla at me on IG - I'm here for you.