4:08 PM What I love about Germany is that we celebrate coffee and cake culture so much! From our grandmas and family members, we learn pretty early that it is super important to have coffee chats on Sunday afternoons with delicate cake or anything sweet you can grab. 
On weekends, I remember my parents were always buying sweet pastries that we would eat together for "coffee time" (where I had a hot chocolate before I started drinking coffee). 

I loved this so much that I kept doing such a tradition until today. I am not seeing all my family members that often to meet on Sundays, but I love to treat myself with a special sweet thing here and then. I don't do it every week, but once in a while, I sit down and eat my favorite cake, or a pastry I love to dream about. Just because. 

I guess that's a big reason for my love of pastry shops and bakeries... 
No matter where I go...I need to check out the best bakeries! 
In NYC, I definitely have found my special go-to places and I have to admit that I am super satisfied with them so I actually don't have to look for other ones... 

During my last stay, I realized that I shouldn't be such a lazy ass. I am in the city of food and crazy ingredients - I am far away from having tried everything. This time, I said that I will dig deeper into Chinese bakeries! I said it already... I found my favorite place, but I wanted to be open to this... I felt that there is maybe a spot out there which I really really really need to try, too. 

So I sat down and googled a little bit. 

The result? I couldn't believe it, but I actually found cool places that I was super excited to try! I continued my Chinatown tour and I am happy to share a special place with you today! 

Have you heard of Fay Da Bakery? A cute and typical Chinatown store front with such a good variety of pastry and good stuff! Somehow, every time I want to get something sweet, all the bakeries are crowded and I never have enough time to check out everything... 
Doesn't really matter this time, because my eyes fell for one thing: the lemon puff

I loooove anything lemon! I already had something super sweet waiting for me in my room, so I decided to go with this sour buddy that only cost $2.25 (and it was almost the size of my head). 

This lemon puff was a pastry I only saw at Fay Da Bakery (I checked many others!!). So if you want to try this pastry, too, make sure to go straight to Fay Da. 
They also offer the usual Chinese pastries like egg custard tart, potato buns, taro rolls, or milk breads. The sizes are super big and you pay so little money - it's crazy! 

Back to my lemon puff baby. It was heavenly! 
Super buttery pastry dough... beyond sexy. And then...the lemon sauce inside! OMG. Yes! 
So good. 
So good. 
So freaking good! 
(I couldn't even finish it...) 

Fay Da Bakery, 83 Mott St, New York ($)