12:34 PM My whole life, people were telling me to go see a therapist because of my depression. It started early during school time... I refused to, I was scared. 
After leaving school and starting university, I finally had the wish and urge to see a therapist. 
I didn't go, though.
I don't know how much a visit would cost, I knew I needed more than one session, but my bank account was only covered for my tuition fees and health insurance. There was no way of trying therapy - I couldn't afford it and my parents were rather laughing when I asked for help. 
I took the cheapest therapy — talking to my friend(s) and my sister. It was for free and I got a little moment of being happy and calm for a little bit. 

Today, I still haven't spoken to a therapist, even though I could afford it.

What I learned over the last years is that self-care is super important. It's a thing we have to practice every single day.

Be happy and take, if you can, free self-care things — this could be a conversation with someone you care much about, enjoying a walk outside, taking a nap or just relax and read a book. But also go beyond this! This means be willing to spend some cash to help yourself feeling better! It could be something tiny, but you can also spoil yourself! 
It's your money! 
Listen closely to your body — what does it need, what is it asking for? 

Make yourself a budget each month or every 3/6 months on how much money you are able to spend! 
In my case it can be 10$ a month... or I can also go "crazy" and spend 100$. 

I was shopping every other month, because I always found something special or cool I wanted to try. So let's check what things I got myself! 
Maybe you find some articles which make you curious, too! 
Try them! 

•I am a very clean person and I hate when my place, especially my studio are messy, so I got myself some baskets which create such a chill atmosphere and they feed its purpose! I spent $24 for one and found two tiny ones in my basement. Upcycling to make my home feel cozier and less chaotic!

• For a busy lifestyle, always being on the run, I love consuming things throughout the day which make me feel fit and balanced. I got Moon Juice's "Brain Dust" ($44) to add to my smoothies, coffee, and even baked goods. An excellent blend of adaptogens that will boost my brain power a little bit.

• A new bedroom light. For a longer time, I am eyeing with light therapy and I am intrigued to understand more of it. There are brands like Philips which offer amazing recovery or morning light sources for your home. A little bit expensive and that's why I thought I build my own experience. To begin with, I wanted to invest into blue light. Blue light therapy is so good for your brain and stimulates it so well. During the dark winter months, it even helps you feeling happier and less depressed. Sounds good to me! I invested in a cute new (sustainable) wooden lamp foot ($21,99) and got myself two different light bulbs, both $4,90 each. One light is super intense, the other feels more like an atmosphere light for the evening! I am having these for two weeks now — I will report back soon!

• I recently talked about essential oils and aroma therapy on OFF COLOR. At home, I've been using it a lot, even though I tend to use the same scents over and over again. 
When I got back to NYC in February, I was so excited to stretch my collection and add some more things. At Bed Bath & Beyond, I explored the wonderful world of Nature's Truth and their very lively smelling oils and products. Since I often got the weirdest sleep issues, I decided to go with their lavender pillow mist spray ($6,99). Super intense, super rich, and so soothing! It works and I love falling asleep with it.

• Ohhh, I am really crazy in love with aroma therapy, haha! At Bath & Body Works, there's this fantastic line of body products which focus on aroma therapy. There are six different "collections" focusing on a special ritual. I invested in a couple of hand sanitizers (I think the deal was get 6 for $10)...and I love putting it on my hands and take a deep breath (my co-workers are always jealous when I pull them out). When I feel anxieties on the go, I even put it beneath my nose to immediately have all the aromas stuck in my nose and my system which calms me down af. I also got one of the sexiest lotions ever — for $13,50, which I have right on my night desk for a relaxing session or serious anxiety attacks. I love giving my body a nice massage or putting it on certain spots like my temples to dive right in and sooth my emotions.

• Since self-care is not only aroma therapy or taking pills, to me it's also beauty! I really enjoy my little beauty and washing routine! To feel extra chill and super comfortable, I got myself a nice massaging tool that helps me to deeply rub in the products the right way and enjoy a little spa moment in the morning. I bought it at Sostrene Greene for $2

• For the perfect sound therapy — I love playing music all day to dance, clean, and just feel good! To feel all the beats from the bottom of my heart, I invested in my first Sonos speaker! Oh my... I'm just in love with this! Podcasts, instrumentals, or my OFF COLOR meditation mixes — the Sonos sound experience is the bomb! $259 for this life-changer!

• One important thing we shouldn't forget is something warm for the soul. Tea. I love tea — the perfect brew to slow down and find time to connect and recharge. I always invest in green tea and matcha — my latest addition is Paper & Tea's Japanese green tea for $15.

I think this should be all. 
A little view into my self-care routine and things that make my day brighter! Add some small things to your every day life and boost your mood!
You don't need so much money to feel better — start investing into yourself and your health! *Remember, I didn't spend this in a month.... this is what I added to my routine the lasts months... 
What things do you use for self-care?