9:22 AM Okay, it's no secret, I love cake and I can actually eat it during any time of the day. Also, I need to be honest here, too, I think I never really was interested in trying different cakes in NYC, because I feel like there is so much more interesting stuff to discover and taste. 

Being back home in February, I wanted my trip to seduce me with the finest things. I love planning ahead or choosing a certain neighborhood which I will try inside out. I went with plan b and decided to finally try more Chinese bakeries! No cake... not the usual cake, I would say, all the pastries, and please more of the crazy stuff that no one else has. 
I am ready. 

I googled a little bit and trusted the very kind internet people. 
My first stop was Kam Hing Coffee Shop on Baxter Street. The place might not look as intriguing as a usual bakery or pastry shop, but I felt I had to go there, because everyone was writing about this place and its awesome sponge cakes

I love fluffy sponge cakes. I baked a spongy cheesecake before, I love the American angel food cake, ohhh and I love Spongebob. Even the coffee shop itself says "best sponge cake in town" - that's a statement and I'm here for it to taste it. 

I hiked my way to the coffee shop - I almost passed it. Just like I said... it's not a crazy and in your face kind of bakery. I saw the small sign and walked in. 
A very rustic and basic coffee shop. A lot of people sit across the big room watching Chinese news. I walk on to the register wondering where all the cakes are. There's nothing really to look at - only the guy that sells everything, a little bar with candy and a big chalkboard where I finally spotted "orginal cake $0.75". 
I wasn't sure if this is really the right place and if "original cake" means sponge cake... but I pretended to be super comfortable in this Mandarin cloud floating around me. I told the guy I wanted two orginal cakes (I mean come on...the price is hilarious!) and waited a bit nervously. 

Someone from the very back gave him a bag with my cakes in. Okay, so there's the bakery? ...I still felt a bit misplaced and confused.
I took my cakes and went outside. 
I opened the bag and checked them out - yesss. I really got THE sponge cakes the whole internet raves about. 

I went back to my hotel, grabbed myself a coffee, and I was excited to try these babies. Opening the bag I have to admit that they smelled soooo good. 

Can I mention one more time that one sponge cake is only $0.75? 

Fluff, fluff. 
[That's the sound of the cake.]
A little fluffy mushroom - big head and a skinny bottom. Just a bit scrunched. 
I loved it. 

The cakes smelled and tasted very sweet! The outside is a bit crunchy and flaky which is so perfect to have a little alternation to the soft and velvety inside. 
I think I ate both cakes in a couple of seconds, because they were so good! 
For that money, one can definitely invest in a couple more! Also I saw online that one can choose different flavors... green tea, for example. 
I think next time I have to be brave and ask the nice guy how to get a different flavor, haha. 

I really recommend this spot if you want to experience true and authentic Chinese baking skills. Don't be scared entering the place if it's confusing for you, too. 

Kam Hing might be the weirdest bakery to visit, but you will get so much for your money - they also have more than sponge cakes to offer!

 Kam Hing Coffee Shop, 118 Baxter St, New York ($)