7:01 PM Another thing which was really important to me when releasing the shirt was creating some visuals which speak to everyone out there.
I know that shirts, or clothing in general, art or whatever you can get on this page might be a personal kind of thing - not everyone likes it. But I know that everyone likes to watch movies.

I am a creator.
I have always been.
I enjoy filming and I love creating videos about the stuff I do.
For a longer time I wanted to share a film that has a message. Today we will change that.
Please don't be scared hearing my voice here...you can hear and read my heart.

I'm getting out of my comfort zone, but I do anything to save mi oceans!

This film means the world to me and I hope there's someone out there who enjoys these visuals, too, and maybe I can also win some hearts which feel ready to save the planet, too!

Here's ocean dedication.
Watch it here.

or here :)



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