3:04 PM I think one of the things I celebrated the most about my trip to NYC, was the fact to watch the Oscars live on television! 
I skip them sometimes, other times I am beyond excited to watch them... but then I realize that they are aired here around midnight or later — watching them full is impossible plus I tend to fall asleep 99% of the time. 
So, yes. I was excited to watch them during a human time, in my pjs, somewhere in LES, Manhattan. 
I wanted this evening to just be perfect and I knew I wanted to treat myself. For days I was hyped to hit Eldrige St and get me some OG Chinese dumplings. On the day of the Oscars, I switched my mind.
I made this whole day a self-care day, because I have to admit that I felt a bit tired and my body hurt from all the walking. Going some extra miles to recover felt wrong and unfortunately I didn't have a bathtub to enjoy a muscle soothing bubble bath.

Short cut here. Self-care is important every day — no matter the circumstances. Yes, even on vacation. 

So what's the plan? I checked my to-do list. Skipped my busy schedule, dismissed 1 or 2 people and slowed down for a second. I am in New York and I want to enjoy this.

The less I had on my list, the more comfortable I felt.
I ran some more errands and invested in a couple of beverages — I was completely dehydrated the last days, because I refused buying plastic bottles and rather make tea at the hotel. This was also a reason I felt off and my legs tired.
Man, self-care.
... but what about the oceans?

After getting my beloved Snapple I fulfilled my feel-good barometer by getting me a bag of happiness at Wendy's. Wendy's is my favorite place to get a bacon cheeseburger — say what you want!
My body was craving bacon, fries, and a milkshake. 
Et voilà.

I left Broadway, headed back to the Orchard Street and jumped into the elevator.
It smelled beautifully. 
9 floors later, I got out, and I was able to start my very own Oscars party.

Yes, the feel-good barometer was actually full, but I was in the mood to just run and jump around in an oversized T-shirt and just dance and feel all the vibes. I danced, jumped on my bed and watched the beautiful skyline from my window. I watched over the sweet glowing and sparkly LES and put on a face-mask. Just because.

There I was. Gaga on the piano, Mahershala Ali winning his second Oscar 🎉, and my fingers grabbing as many French fries as I could, dipping them into my vanilla milkshake. Pure happiness.

Today I want y'all to remember: self-care shouldn't be postponed. Take care of yourself every day - this also means having bad calories and just feel good! 
No worries. 
No regrets. 
Just listen closely to your body and vibe. ~