12:10 PM I love art. So so much. 
There's nothing that can inspire me more than a great artist, his work, and his or hers story. Art connects and it's so deep, one can't even explain what it does to our brains and eyes. Isn't that just crazy? 

During my trip to NYC, I finally made it happen to put a couple of museum visits on my list! The grand finale of my tour was the visit at the Whitney Museum of American Art. I always wanted to go there since the museum has a very modern look, great architecture, and they happen to show many cool exhibitions - so why not? 
This time I was lucky to see my actual first Andy Warhol exhibition - I was so excited to go there and soak it all in! 

Unfortunately, I chose the most horrible day to visit, since NYC was having a nice windy breeze the last week. Walking or hiking through the streets was horrible - I have never experienced such a strong wind, blowing off my hat and making walking along a terrible challenge. Again...this was an experience I could only have in the Big Apple, haha. 

When I finally made it to the museum, I was super impressed! Very clean and neat design. White, silver, and grey tones, a little neon color and cool interior design - this is actually the prettiest museum I might have visited in my art years... 
I was also lucky to not have a long line at the register, so I could grab my ticket and just dive in. 

Going upstairs, passing some cute lights in the hall way, I noticed that the exhibition itself was already good visited...oh well. There was a lot of security on every corner, next to you, in front of you... it felt a bit weird when you want to enjoy yourself and there are just too many people.
As always I wanted to film the exhibition for you, because I know how it feels to sit an ocean away from something cool which you'd like to experience as well!
I just want to give you nice impressions and inspiration that can make your day!

A security guard asked me to stop taking pictures with my professional camera (duh, I'm sorry), even though I asked the girl at the register and she said "film or shoot, just don't use the flash...."
Since that point on, this dude was following me everywhere which made my dream exhibition a bit less attractive. I felt uncomfortable and I rushed through....
The rebel that I am, still kept the camera on and I tried to hold it nicely and film a little bit from left to right. Ughh... the result is funny as hell and I apologize deeply for this disaster. But you'll get an idea of the space and the pictures shown!

All you can see here is what I was able to capture...the rest is still in  NYC to be seen until March 31st 2019! Yes, "From A to B and Back Again" is coming to and end and I hope some of you still have the chance to look at it and take pictures for yourself!

It's a really good selection of Andy's very famous and iconic art! I loved the installation and how the pictures were presented. 

I just hope that you'll be lucky and don't have (sorry) stupid security following you along. Dear Whitney Museum, teach your staff right. I told the security dude what I asked your register lady and he totally said the opposite and we discussed for 5 minutes. So unnecessary!!! It made me mad.

What's also a no-go is that art has become so mainstream and it's horrible to go to an exhibition where people spend minuteeees...I don't know many...to take selfies and the perfect shots in front of the art work. We were literally standing in line at the cows and flower prints to enjoy the art and read the words, because a lady was thinking she should take this opportunity to let her boyfriend shoot 592 pictures of her. You can't do that, sorry.

Leaving the exhibition, I also checked out the museum's shop which was really cool with nice little gifts and presents for loved ones (or yourself). It's definitely worth a visit, even though I'd say it's a bit expensive....

My conclusion - I feel hungry...I feel like I couldn't experience the exhibition how I wanted to. I spent money to be chased around and walk into Instagram photoshoots.

I am happier to have visited the Whitney Museum as an architectural institution, than getting an inspirational boost from Andy's art.

But.... people - go there! I guess I caught a bad day, bad vibes, and just a weird accumulation of circumstances. Right?

Have you visited the exhibition yet? Or have you seen a different Andy Warhol exhibition?