9:22 PM It's time again for another Blue Friday
After last week's first Blue Friday - presenting the company which creates my special ocean dedication shirts, it's time to share something really special with you which I wanted to do for a longer time! 

I am an artist and I love to create in many different ways! I already started to sell my favorite prints for you and I am also currently updating my designs - you know freelancing ain't free sometimes... 
But today!
I know there are people who have no money or can't afford little things and talking about the oceans, I want today's art to be free for everyone! 

As a reminder to always think blue and rethink my actions towards the oceans, I keep things close to me which tell me to not use this or find alternatives for this and that. I do this via art which hangs in my office and I also love to wear my blue bracelet which I never take off. 

The art in my studio is fun and it brings a happy vibe along - I want you to enjoy this same vibe and create a blue atmosphere in your home or office which reminds you 24/7 that we can actually do better. 

So, there you go - three simple, but cute designs that you can print out and enjoy in your four walls. 
Again, thanks for supporting my art and thank you for taking care of the oceans! 

Happy weekend ~