3:38 PM And just like that, March is here. 
A very special month for me...maybe my favorite month of the year! 
This month my first "roses + pines" collection will drop. A special ocean dedication shirt in limited quantity - so make sure to keep your eyes open. I can already tell you that the shirt will drop 3/31 - so until then I will celebrate the countdown with some blue fridays. Every friday I will share some cool sustainable things with y'all! 

Since I am kind of announcing my collection now, I want to introduce you to the company today which made it all happen. 
I always designed my own shirts, getting the medium quality and some fucked up prints. The quality was okay... but what can you say about a 10$ shirt? Right. This is fast fashion and I am definitely not a fan of it. 
I am against fast fashion and I love me some vintage, but for Off Color I always wanted to have additional merchandise which makes it easier for me to connect with everyone out there and also spread a little message this way. 
It's nice to connect deeper than writing words in a post, mixing some music for you, filming my life and my passion... and so on. 
The "roses + pines" fashion here will have a meaning and stand for special topics that are super important to me... and how awesome is it to spread this with the help of fashion!

That's why Everybody.World is the best company to collaborate with when it comes to creating fashion. I love this L.A. company and the ladies behind the curtains who created this: Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo. 

Everybody.World is more than fashion, it's about sustainability and a thoughtful fashion process. 

The Californian company is known to be the very first who created the Trash Tee which is made 100% recycled cotton. Yes, re-read this sentence.
The women are not only fair towards fashion, but also its creators and workers inside the company. It's all about fair wages and a right working environment. 

There's nothing to complain about here.
Everybody.World is a dream coming true and I am the happiest to collaborate with them to give you a good shirt with a strong message. 
The people who already got my shirt (hi, there), are all happy and so impressed by the quality. Recycled cotton doesn't mean bad quality - you will see this is the best shirt you will have in your closet! 

Again. if you want to learn more about the L.A. girls and their ideas, get to know them on their website and feel inspired to order your own recycled shirts, too. 

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Happy blue friday! ~