5:24 PM Hi, hello! First of all, thank you to everyone who has checked the OFF COLOR journal so far! I am so happy about your vibes, likes, and support! Spread the word about #prelude and take your time getting to know each and every page.
I appreciate you.

Today, we keep on moving on a little bit...
Now that the journal is out, I am relaxing a little bit and therefore I really need a good book to treat my mind.
Since it's February and Black History Month, I chose a book from a very famous black person who touched so many people around the globe. Everyone knows her and her being is unbelievably inspiring: Michelle Obama.

There were many books I wanted to read for #BHM, but since I have always loved the Obamas and I read tons of good critics about Michelle's book, I wanted to join the ride and dive deep in. 

I am excited to see behind the curtains and get to know Michelle Obama a bit better. 
I can't wait to study her way of writing and just lay back and enjoy flipping each page. 

Are you feeling ready for this book? Did you get the book already?
However you feel - let's do this together!
Get yourself a copy here (or not, maybe you own it already) and let's enjoy this beautiful women, her knowledge, and especially her story.

In 4 weeks, we will meet again here on OFF COLOR to discuss a little bit! The usual game...

Let's celebrate this Black History Month. 
Let's celebrate black history and all its wonderful people!