4:00 PM I said it yesterday already. I am happy, I am excited, I am full with love. I want to hug the world and I am smiling beyond, because I chose the most perfect day to spread good vibes, knowledge and just fun things. 
I am a creator and I love creating things for everyone out there....not only for myself. I was surrounded with the images, the words, the vibes for a longer time now and I am happy to share this with you! 

In comparison to the old Off Color magazine, I did first of all change the name from magazine to journal, because I like to be more personal. Second I was beyond excited to spread more knowledge about the oceans and a sustainable lifestyle! You get all of that in the journal - all in the right creative approach! I am still a sneaker loving, photographing girl that loves to talk about the latest shoe releases...I still follow all the great art creators, underground artists, and interview my friends who inspire me the most! The old OC magazine is not dead, it just got better. 

I am sharing more of my world. 
My feelings. 
This is what matters to me. (and yes, cooking is somehow a pretty cool hobby I enjoy lately, too). I am trying to create unique content for you in my OC journal so that you can either way print certain pages and hold them close to yourself, or you order the printed version. Yes, you can order the journal to your home. 

Right now, I don't want to talk much about the content, I want you to take a look yourself and get to know the world of OFF COLOR. Learn, laugh, smile, cry ~ feel your emotions and spread the love. 

I appreciate you.
I appreciate the people that I feature in volumne 1: much love to all of you! You touched my heart and inspired me to work harder! You are the greatest and I hope that the people out there see your potential and support you as much as I support you!

Thank you for taking your time! 
Listen to the #prelude mix to get the perfect vibes while reading this!