9:38 AM I guess by now we shall all be easily experiencing 2019... 
The transition is hard for many out there, since a new year mostly means starting a new lifestyle, leaving old habits, or just improving in general! A lot of pressure if you ask me...
If you are working on your 2019 goals right now, I send you a lot of good vibes! You can do it! Stay focused, stay strong! 

If you don't feel like being a crazy active person, nor being healthy is your new plan, but you are still open to try something new this year, maybe you should consider educating yourself on Mother Nature.
Something we should all care about, because it affects all of us! 

Being sustainable is an ecological movement that has been around for a longer time. It was a niche that moved over to a trend now (may it be good or bad...). There was no big interest until the last couple of years. More education, more and more people talk about it, even celebrities. More alternatives are being offered.

Being sustainable is finally cool.

No need to be ashamed if you care about ocean pollution — we are in this together! 
We need to worry and most importantly we need to connect and act T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R! 

If you are unfamiliar with ocean pollution, sustainability, and giving up single-use plastig, make sure to check out these documentaries! I love all of them and can highly recommend each and every one of them! The best reason to stay in this weekend...

*By clicking on each film you can see the trailer! 
1. (Netflix) No Impact Man
2. (Netflix) Mission Blue 
3. (Netflix) A Plastic Ocean 
4. (Amazon Prime) Tapped 
7. (Netflix) Chasing Coral
10. Straws 

*Since the most popular posts on OFF COLOR from 2018 were mostly sustainable ones, I want to take January as a blue + green month to motivate you to give up plastic, too! A little help and inspiration ~ let's do this!