11:05 PM Starting off a new year I like to remember some great things that happened in my life or also materialistic things that I got. This is not a post where I want to be flashy and show off — I just want to inspire you to get a little less things, invest maybe a tiny bit, but be happy with it forever! 
Let me show you 5 things I am celebrating like crazy and I am happy I got them. 2018, I wasn't a big spender...I just invested my money right.

1. One of the most happy vibes investments was my Patagonia 60l Duffel Bag. Even though I am not into green, I decided to get the teal/ turquoise/ green version. 100€ might be a lot for a bag like this, but the investment was so worth it! You can use it for so many things and I love how easy I can carry this big thing also on my back with zero pain! A weekend trip with only a few things? I take my Patagonia bag only! 

2. Let's stay in the travel field. For the holidays Away always releases its special tiny cases which you can either way use for makeup or your travel necessaries! Last time I was sleeping and they were sold out faster than I thought. In November, I kept my eyes open and boom, I got my first baby Away case. Travelling with so many cables and things, I love using this as an organizer to keep my bag clean. For my Paris trip, I threw in all my makeup which was perfect, too! The price was super sweet, too, and I am so happy about the quality!! 

3. Reading more last year, I decided to also invest in a couple of books which deal with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I learned a lot from my Asian coworkers and I was intrigued to learn and understand more. It was life changing!! I started with this book to keep the basic "rules" and then upgraded to a book which focuses strongly on injuries and active movement. 

4. One of my Asian coworkers also recommended me to invest in a rice cooker, because it's the best thing to have — life changing as well, haha! She hooked me up with a Chinese girl via WeChat who was selling her rice cooker for 8€!!! only — google how expensive they can be... I was super lucky. 
Fact is, I eat A LOT of rice. With my rice cooker, I can cook my rice perfectly fluffy, I can keep it warm for a longer time, and with the timer I can also precook my rice and get home from work with no work effort. If I am not in the mood for rice, I could even bake cake, cook soups, or enjoy hotpot.

5. My investment of the year was my Sonos!! Oh lord. I am totally NOT into technics, but I always admired the Sonos speakers. When the company announced a collaboration with the design house HAY, I was ready to invest! I needed one for my office! 259€ later...I was a proud owner of the Sonos One HAY edition in yellow - sweeter than the sun. 
The whole process of installing it and hearing my first sounds (I love hearing Pharrell concerts on it hahaha) was just amazing and I am still shocked about how dope the quality is! I never heard sounds like this and I experience my playlists all over, because the base is soooo damn loud! I haven't tried the included Alexa function in my Sonos speaker...I need to get used to it step by step, but I have to admit that currenty. while working on the OFF COLOR Journal, it is a blast to vibe to Travis' "Astroworld". I would recommend this to anyone - for really real.

*Yes. Number 6 should actually be mentioned, too. I am happy I got my hands on a Kaws x Uniqlo x Sesame Street piece and it had to be the Cookie Monster plush toy. Me want cookies. This was one of the funniest investments, but I was lucky here, too! Cookie Monster was on sale and I am so suprised about the quality and how big it is! 
I promise you will see him in the future more! 

I hope I could inspire you a little bit and show you some more things that I privately recommend and use. Yes, things can be expensive... but there's also great stuff to get and enjoy for years!

If you plan on spending a lot of cash this year, get familiar with the brands and look out for companies and things which are here for longer than one season! Quality over everything! 

What was your favorite item in 2018? 
Happy New Year ~~