9:37 PM The new year feels always like a small season change to me, even though we are in the middle of winter. 
It's obviously dark and cold outside, but my internal clock tells me to do something — this means cleaning! 
Decluttering, "spring cleaning", decorate something new (yes, bye bye Christmas decorations). 
So many online shops are already offering bright and warm color themed pieces which make your apartment look like a beach cabin. Please remember, it's still January.

If you are into changing some things in your home, go for it. 

By putting all the Christmas stuff away now, think about the things you will definitely use next year and what can still be used now. Is something broken or a bit overused? Don't keep it just because, throw it away! 
The Christmas tree will be thrown away from many people by now, too. Is your tree still green and healthy? Cut a couple of branches off and put them in a vase. Decorate your doors with them and enjoy the smell! 

When the Christmas chapter is over, one can surely think about new pieces to keep the home warm and cozy.
If you are investing now, make sure to invest into pieces and things that last longer than a season! 
Use natural materials and add a few colorful details.
If you haven't so far, help yourself and get tools or furniture that keeps you more organized.

1 Time to get cozy with a beautiful sofa (choose a bold color - why not) / 2 Your water will definitely taste better with this / 3 Get organized with this cool metal shelf / 4 Baskets made of seagras give your home a very natural atmosphere / 5 These wooden toys are not only great for kids / 6 What do you think about this flower pot installation? / 7 A few new art prints can make rooms look totally different  / 8 An aroma oil diffuser is always something you should have at home - clean vibes for 2019 

Maybe you want to get rid of old furniture or textile articles, but they are actually too good to throw them away  — donate! 
There are many ways! 

2019 can be a really cozy and comfortable year for you. You create it, just creative with a lot of awareness and a hint of sustainability — your whole being will thank you!