7:39 PM The first Sneaker Thursday of the year shall be banger.

Well, judge for yourself. 

I can't remember the last time I awaited a sneaker release or I stood in line to get one (I'm doing this online, but still). When I got my first pair of Jordans, I sat in front of my laptop, refreshing the page every other second, panicking and going crazy. 
I am not doing this anymore.

I buy random colorways, I buy many models when they are on sale... I'm just tired of wearing shoes that I see 400 times around me. I became very simple.

Deep down inside, though, I'm still a sneaker head. I enjoy all kinds of special colorways and I celebrate great design.
Living a lot without color, I am adding more and more colors to my wardrobe lately. That's why I fell in love with the Air Jordan 1 Court Lux High OG “Aleali May” — don't ask me why, I love how well the colors match and how bright they are.

A great success for the L.A. girl Aleali May, who already worked on her second Jordan.
This time, all for the ladies, the shoe gets a more feminine touch, without looking too girly.
I live for the orange and blue! Juicy and delicious. 

I actually missed the release of these, but I wasn't mad. My gut told me it was right...
Aleali shared many pictures from girls all over the world and how they wear their shoes. I remembered the release and was curious to see how fast they were gone. They were sold out everywhere here.
The same night, I wanted to order some winter running tights and clicked my way through Nike. All of a sudden, I saw the Court Lux again.
Available in my size.
How can this be?
I was a bit confused, but smiled, too. I ordered it and here we are.

I'm still laughing about how this whole story goes, but at the end, my sneaker loving heart couldn't resist.
Some things just happen for a reason.
I appreciate this design a lot! Thank you, Aleali May.