11:11 AM Every time I come back home for a little vacay, I love to spend my time at the Bowery and LES a lot. It's the most satisfying neighborhood to me, not only because Chinatown is around the corner, too.

I absolutely love Asian food and a lot of their culture, I mentioned it many times here! 
During my last visit, I started a personal research testing as many Chinese bakeries as possible and exploring the dumpling universe in New York City. 
I have to admit I am addicted to dumplings, gyozas, mandus, or whatever you would call them. Dumplings are the freaking best! 

In NYC, I actually live from pizza, but I also need to spend more time at Asian food places! What's better than exploring Asian food in Chinatown? Yeah, right! 
I discovered a dumpling place which is really close to my place and decided to have a quick lunch there - it's called East Dumpling!

The place was tiny and cute! A Chinese guy sat in the front — imagine the shop like this: there are two seats in the front and one basically stands in the kitchen which is separated through a table which functions as the register. Don't get it twisted - it's very functional in there and the place would never win for best interior (I guess many people are scared to come in), but you need to step into this heavenly place. Don't ignore it and don't be scared! 
The cook was loudly communicating with the guest in the front while I tried to understand their menu. The lady smiled at me, but she couldn't or didn't want to talk much — I asked if I could have dumplings.
She nodded and turned herself to the cook.

A couple of minutes later, I left the shop with a styrofoam box with 10 dumplings for 3$ / You can also leave the place with 3 dumplings for 1$. 
The guest and the lady gave me the tip to add more sauce from the table. A white plastic bottle, but no one could tell me what's inside and plenty of Sriracha. 
I took a little walk on the Bowery while enjoying these babies — they were soooo good!! Super crispy on the outside (yes, deep fried, baby) and the wonderful chewy and flavorful inside (I guess they only offer chives and pork filling - the traditional dumpling filling).
With the sauce it was just perfect and I could have eaten at least 12 more! This was an A+ snack and I was floating on my cloud 9...

I am definitely opening my eyes more for dumpling places next time I'm in town, since it's the perfect snack, lunch, or pre-dinner party. NYC can be expensive here and then, but to still have a good and yummy time in the Big Apple, you only have to know about the good places.

Dumplings are always a good idea - especially when they are THAT cheap!! This is your $ saving place ~ 

So make sure to enjoy these when you come to see the city!

East Dumpling, 46 Eldrige St ($)