7:07 PM I want to continue treating you with some sweet and very easy diy presents for Christmas. This here, my last for this year, is a very very very last minute gift, but just like my pancake and waffle mix idea, this gift is something that everyone can use (and I bet many love this as well). 
I am such a big fan of coffee and hot morning drinks, chai tea or chai tea latte, is also a classic drink which I don't want to miss. 
Since I don't want to jump to Starbucks every time I want to enjoy some chai flavor, I knew I needed to create my own spice blend which I can use 24/7 at home. 
The best thing is that I can decide how spicy I want it and a spice blend like this is also healthier than all the sticky chai syrups or concentrates out there. 

This Christmas, if you are late with gift shopping, why don't you gift this easy and 2 minute chai spice blend? 
Mom, sister, best friend, aunty - everyone can use this. 
If you don't want to use it for hot beverages, you can surely add this to your pancake batter, baking goods, or smoothie. 

*one important info about this recipe. Since my trip to Cape Town, I am in love with rooibos tea. I had the best chai tea latte in a cute café and who wants to end this riddle? The chai tea latte was infused with rooibos tea which was the best experience in a loooong time. 
That's why I am always adding rooibos to my chai now. If you are unsure about the flavor (it makes it a bit more earthy and sweet at the same time), you can leave out the rooibos tea! 


YOU NEED 3 tablespoons cinnamon + 3 tablespoons green cardamom + 3 tablespoons ginger + 1 tablespoon allspice + 2 teaspoons cloves + 1 teaspoon nutmeg + 1-2 tablespoons rooibos tea  + if you like it sweet, you can already add some sugar here, so you don't have to add sugar later - add 5 tablespoons coconut sugar + 1 glass jar

1. Take out your glass jar and put in all the ingredients. Give the jar a good shake to mix the spices evenly. (if the spices are still a bit coarse...make sure to ground them well. Blend them in your high speed processor to create fine powder).
2. Write a label with the instructions, so the gifted person knows how to use it:
Simply mix 1-2 teaspoons of mix with your choice of milk, heat it up, and enjoy ~
*Since my mix above is a bit coarse, I could actually blend it a couple of times more to make it really fine or I strain my chai tea after it's cooked, so I can make sure that the bigger spice pieces won't annoy me during drinking my cup of comfiness. 

What would Christmas be without the super personal gifts?
Shopping can be so easy, but creating something straight from your heart means so much more!
This chai mix is good for any occasion!
Have fun creating and gifting this!

Happy Holidays!