2:16 PM I have never thought that the charity project I started this year would be so much fun. Don't get me wrong... I have a lot of passion when I start with new projects. #OCaiko is a project that kept me sane and very down to earth, because I realized how lucky I am.

I take my lifestyle not for granted anymore and I am thankful that I can finally use my creative power and my drive to help others in need out there. 

I am not god or the best person on this planet, but my heart feels better when I know that I tried my best to help someone who could really use my help. 

With #OCaiko, I am not donating millions of dollars, but I try to give things that everyone should have to enjoy a normal life.

My first project went to Uganda to an orphanage. Giving them basic hygene products and a couple of things they could use for school or art classes. I can't wait to see their reaction... 

Before the year ends, I wanted to take care of one more project. I got plenty of crayons, pencils, and educational stuff (thank you to the companies) which I wanted to send out as well. 
Therefore, I browsed the internet to find a good cause which needs a little school supply or entertainment for the kids. 

I stopped my search when I found the Rainbow Center in Sri Lanka. 
"The Rainbow Centre is a UK Registered Charity, founded in 2005, that provides daily education, food, welfare, medical treatment and loving support to children living in extreme poverty in south western Sri Lanka.
Its key aim is to enable children to obtain an education. The Rainbow Centre is helping children to break free from a cycle of poverty that would otherwise trap them in a world of crime, begging, addiction and abuse. This is life-changing work.
Since opening in 2005, the Rainbow Centre has enabled more more than 500 children to go to school and has continued to support them with their studies. It is thanks to the generosity and compassion of its donors that the Rainbow Centre is able to continue this invaluable work."

What a great project - the perfect place that I can donate to. 
Here we go. 
Dear kids in Sri Lanka...I hope this little giftbox will put smiles on your faces. Create wonderful art work with it or take notes for your homework. 

The Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany is such a wonderful source to find FREE educational material that I can't wait to send over to Sri Lanka. I got a couple of paper 3D globes that the kids can easily build together and learn about our world and continents like that. 

There's so much free stuff to get - knowledge is everywhere here. Let's make sure that everyone on this planet has the right for free and easy education like that!

I am excited to help this beautiful institution and I can't wait to hear their feedback as well!

My last #OCaiko project for 2018 is a wonderful inspiration to hustle harder in 2019!
Will you join me and #OCaiko?