11:18 PM I spend my Christmas Eve in my bed now after a massive food party. Every year the same procedure... I'm not complaining...I'm snacking a little bit more and watch some old movies - that's a perfect Christmas to me. 
I'm a movie freak...I could actually stay in bed for three days now and just watch whatever is on TV. 

My tiny Christmas "tree" is glowing and sparkling and the air is filled with the greenest good smelling branches. I love it!
Even though I am crazy about Christmas and decoration, I have to admit that my home is decorated very low-key... not too much, actually only a little bit. It doesn't bother me much, I don't have the space to go crazy, but that's one more reason for me to create a new kind of Christmas tree each year. My favorite thing about Christmas. 

The last years, I always had the same kind of "tree", 3-4 branches sitting in a vase in the deepest corner. This year, I finally decided to work on my ornament collection. I always collected things (in case I needed them...), but a branch looks weird with 20 different motives on. 
This year I got creative and I am so happy about my baby-wannabe-tree. 

And sexy. 

I got this huge rounded glass vase which can hold a thousand of different branches. This time, I decided to go with different branches: pine, thuja, fir - everything that smells good! The different textures make my tiny tree look so interesting. Those shades of greens... super delicious. 
Et voilà, a little light and a little decoration makes this the best "tree" I ever had. Let's see when I'll be able to get a real tree - we will see next year!
Until then... I am loving this buddy here!

Merry Christmas from me to all the OFF COLOR loving lovebirds out there! Thank you for your love, support, and good vibes all the way. I hope you enjoy those off days and relax to the max! Eat plenty of cookies and enjoy the time with your loved ones! Recharge. Breathe. Smile!

Happy Holidays ~
*I hope you don't have to experience as much rain as we currently have....