1:32 PM First of all, this post is not about my 2019 resolutions. As simple as that - I have no resolutions and I don't believe in them (my opinion)! If you have resolutions for yourself to kick ass 2019 - you can surely do that! I believe in you and your power! ~ 

Everyone is sharing their best ofs, a little throwback, and of course motivation for 2019. I wanted to share a couple of words and a few favorites with you, too! Maybe a bit more personal, maybe too boring for some, we will see... 

2018 was a really exciting year for me. My highlight actually happened in January right away, when I travelled to South Africa for the first time. Cape Town has always been on my list and I couldn't believe it when I finally touched down there. It was such a life changing experience and I learned so many things during my 12 days. Culture, food, climate, nature, and my personal views - there was so much going on and sometimes I feel like I still have to pinch myself to understand what was really going on. It was a blast and I will come back hopefully very very soon. 

In Cape Town I was confronted with a disaster which anyone on this planet can experience. Cape Town is running out of water and during our stay there, we experienced how it is to live with a little less water or especially being more aware of how to use water right. I saw an intense usage of plastic and some beautiful beaches in Cape Town were full of plastic. My fight for a cleaner planet was highly inspired from my Cape Town trip and it gave me the power to hustle even harder for mi oceans ~.
I also wanted to do some social working in South Africa, but unfortunately the time ran out really fast. That's why I founded #OCaiko this year. A little charity project were I send products to different organizations and institutions around the world. No matter if it's hygene products, school supply, or just clothing - there are many kids around the world who don't have access to the easiest things and basic supply. My first #OCaiko donation went to an orphan home in Uganda - read about it here

While I focused a lot on charity and mi oceans, I also got to know so many new friends and business partner about whom I am so happy to have met and especially connect. I am happy that there are so many beautiful people out there hiding :) 

Working is pretty fun lately, but I also care about myself a bit more since this year. I studied a lot of things that benefits the human body and I took self-care, wellness, and well-being more than important. 2018 had a lot of stressful weeks, so I needed to make sure to feel good or at least okay. It's not good to do your job and feel like a piece of shit - I put myself on the first spot and I am happy I did so. I feel balanced. I am doing great and guess what...work can still be done, too. 

If I need to hide for a little bit, NYC is the best idea to escape and just have a little me time (Paris, too, I have to admit). I took beautiful trips again to my favorite cities and my home. Getting a lot of inspiration and just being at the moment. 

With all the inspiration coming, I worked on a couple of projects which I will release in 2019, such as the comeback of the OFF COLOR magazine, which is called OFF COLOR journal. 
I am freelancing a lot of content here and with the journal I will create exclusive content that will be out way earlier than I might post it here on the website. I still have to think about that... 
Fact is that having a book or magazine in the hands is so much more fun than scrolling a blog that is loading too many pictures and one has to wait for hours...I know the story. I am a magazine girl, I love the smell and the feeling of them... let's see how the OFF COLOR journal will do, but I will surely update you with all the important info! Issue #1 "Prelude" will be out in January. 

In February I saw Kendrick Lamar for the second time live with his Damn Tour. "Astroworld" by Travis Scott was by far my favorite album of the yearalso don't forget the awesome videography that he dropped along!! Black Panther came out with an awesome soundtrack! Moving forward to December where we got spoilt with the Grinch movie (music by Tyler The Creator!!!) and the new Spiderman movie! Yes, I'm into movies... 
I had a couple of inspiring conversations, but I also got rid of toxic people in my life.
I focused a lot on my creative vibes.
I'm still a student.
I connected from continent to continent, kept in touch with my friends overseas, and I'm still happily in love. I'm proud of my guy. Always.

I didn't run a race this year. I couldn't. And I experienced a lot of fun injuries again... My #roadtorecovery was helping me out, though. Today, I can say that yes, my running wasn't this wild this year, but with being constant and strong recovering, I am ending the year with 0 injuries! I am back after a break, my injuries are healed, and I feel ready.
I don't have a goal in front of me, I just collect some miles and many more smiles. 

What will 2019 bring? A lot! Business wise, on the personal side, and spiritual wise I am looking forward to grow! 
Thinking back, I had many highlights with OFF COLOR, like my trip to Berlin with REWE Group, exploring more and more food and wellness topics, and releasing my story series. 
With story, I want to capture YOUR story, because everyone got one to tell. The story series will be a creative experience, coming along as photography work and film. 

I am so happy and proud about the support and love I got from you this year! 
Thank you for every read, click, time, patience, and attention — all around the world! I love you.

Here are the most popular posts from 2018, in case you missed some! 

Reading this gives me chills.
Most of those posts deal with sustainability, green vibes, and everything that benefits our planet! 
Of course I will continue with this next year and I hope I can share more NY tings with y'all.

Happy 2019.
Cheers to all of you!