12:16 PM Yes you read that right. Lazy Christmas cooking and blueberry kugel....Okay?

Okay. It's pretty easy. Christmas is always connected to stress. A lot of planning, a lot of cooking. You might have a bunch of people coming to your house soon to enjoy the best dinner of the year - no pressure. Nowadays it's even worse...everyone is kind of vegan, vegetarian, or allergic to so much, so you need to be prepared times 10. I thought about something easy that everyone could eat plus I upgraded this baby to something better. 

Yes, I am making a noodle kugel but instead of raisins, I threw in a bunch of blueberries - oh lord, you are not ready to try this! Who needs raisins?  
This dish is perfect for everyone who's picky in terms of food, but it's also good for the kiddos - actually for anyone around the table. 

Let's celebrate this Christmas with my blueberry kugel. 


YOU NEED 12 oz egg noodles +  6 large eggs + 2 Cups sour cream + 1 Cup cottage cheese + 1 Cup cream cheese + 1 Cup sugar + 1/4 Cup butter + 1/4 teaspoon salt + 1 Cup blueberries (I think for the holidays cranberries would also be a rockstar

1. Make sure to get your noodles cooked first. Follow the guidelines on your noodle box. I used whole grain pasta to check the calories ~
2. Once your noodles are cooked, let them cool down and sit for a moment. You can start whisking the other ingredients together. 
3. In a bowl, mix the eggs with the sour cream, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. Make it nice and creamy. 
4. Now add the butter (use warm butter which goes faster...), the sugar, and the salt. Give it a good stir until everything is blended well. 
5. Throw in the noodles and cover them with the fluffy dairy mix. When everything is covered, add the blueberries and give it one last stir. The blueberries shouldn't be mashed here, so take care of the little fellas while stirring. 
6. Take out a casserole pan, grease it with some butter and fill in the noodle blueberry mixture. 
7. Bake the noodle kugel at 176°C for 35 minutes until the noodles get a golden brown finish. 
8. [Some like to sprinkle cinnamon on top....that's optional]
9. Enjoy it hot, warm, or cold ~ 

I am not Jewish (not that I know...) and I have never had kugel before my experiment. I actually live dairy free, but since I don't know how this tastes, I decided to make the dairy version. After trying it, I feel like the mixture tastes like a cheesecake. So this dish is actually a cheesecake with noodles. If you are intrigued to try this, because you never had it before, but now you feel scared because of the cheesecake, please don't worry. Either way you try this recipe and surprise your mouth, or you'll do some changes before you cook this.

When it comes to my preference, I would definitely work with less sugar!! 1/2 Cup is enough. Maybe one can also work without sugar here... that should be tested before presenting this to the guests...
The idea above with the cranberries is also super nice, because it definitely takes the sweetness out of the dish! 
If you are actually dairy free, like me, you should make sure if you can find substitudes for the dairy products above. 

All in all, Jewish people know how to cook!
This is such a fun and easy recipe to recreate! If you love cheesecake, you will definitely love this, too! To me it's unusual, but I will try more different versions in the future. 
To all the lazy cooks out there - have fun with this recipe!

Happy Holidays ~