2:28 PM Ahhh, sometimes I just love being lazy. Lazy doesn't mean something negative...it just shows me that my energy needs some rest often and why not doing this extra hard during Christmas season? We are so stressed out from planning dinners, gifts, and the most fancy parties, we should just calm down and think about Christmas without the stress and chaos. 

What I love about today's lazy, but actually so impressive idea, is that this gift comes straight from the heart. It's fun, easy, but so cool! I think nobody would be mad receiving this! 
This is actually a gift I like to give to all of my friends...for their birthdays, when they are moving somewhere, or just for fun - this gift is perfect for any occasion. 

Christmas is a tough cookie when it comes to gifts.
Everyone is having everything already. 
Don't think for a long time...listen to your stomach and get your favorite person this easy diy. A pancake and waffle mix is something you can recreate so easily, you don't have to worry that you can't do it. 

Maybe you have some old glasses at home which you can upcycle and you can also be beyond creative if you want to put special labels on the glass jar. 
For Christmas, you are also free to decorate the jars with some greens or candy canes. The world is yours ~ 
Don't forget to also write a little note on how to use the mix and your gift is already done! It's such a great way to have a sustainable and waste free Christmas :) try it! 

Pancake sundays are even more fun now with this easy mix. 
Bye bye store bought mixes!


YOU NEED 8 Cups flour + 1/2 Cup sugar + 2 tablespoons baking powder + 2 tablespoons baking soda + 1 1/2 teaspoons salt + 1 glass jar + labels or decoration for your jar

1. Take out your jar and the ingredients. 
2. Measure every ingredient and throw it into the glass jar. 
3. Take a piece of paper and write down the instructions on how to use this mix right:

for pancakes do: 2 Cups mix + 2 Cups milk + 2 eggs + vanilla or cinnamon (optional) 
for waffles do: 2 Cups mix + 1 3/4 Cups milk + 2 eggs + vanilla or cinnamon (optional) 

4. Finish the look of your mix. Decorate it, put stickers on it, or leave it simple and plain. 

What an easy, but so tasty gift. 
What's even better... do this for your home, too. This idea is not only a good gift idea for your loved ones, it's so good to own such a quick mix at home, just because it's so handy. 
Do you have kids? Or do you have cravings here and then? No matter what... you can turn to your mix and just add some ingredients - et voilà - a beautiful masterpiece is done in a couple of seconds. 

Enough said.
Let's get to work.

Happy Holidays ~