9:56 PM Dear Running. These words can either way be seen from a sad perpective, maybe a bit disappointed, or the total opposite, cheering and hopeful.
I have let you down a little bit — not that I wanted so, I needed to.
I went from injury to sickness. I twisted my ankle really bad and from that moment on my ankle did its own thing. I am stubborn though, I didn't accept a no. Not now...

I jogged a bit. I had pain. My times were solid... pretty okay I didn't really care much — the only thing I cared about was to know that I moved my feet. I just wanted to keep on moving. Somehow.
At home, I continued with my strength training. It's not my favorite, but I enjoyed it, as a part of my road to recovery.
I tried a couple of more runs until I realized I didn't want to risk something, I needed to take a real break.

Luckily, it was raining like crazy, storms were making it hard to train outside, so my heart wasn't bleeding as much as I thought it would. 
With December coming, I had my #cozywinter challenge approaching - many days here were asking for a little workout session, I was ready, too. I continued working out — I basically focused more and more on my core. I was scared to hurt another ankle or whatever.
I actually overworked my shoulder... haha. 
My mood was good. I was okay.
I celebrated my birthday, Christmas markets were everywhere and my trip to Paris was coming closer.

In Paris, I felt beyond sad and frustrated for the first time! Every time I am there, I want to run with the Paris running club. 
I took a little evening walk around Notre-Dame when I saw a bunch of runners passing the street. The Eiffel Tower was shining with its brightest light and the sky was perfectly dark blue. My eyes followed the runners, their movement and joy.
It's Tuesday, this must be the Paris running club..
That girl running over there could be me. But no. I'm sitting here taking tourist pictures. 
I was madly frustrated.

That's such a perfect example that shows that once one is passionate about something, it's hard to miss out. Those are real emotions. And I felt numb in this moment. Running makes a lot with me — some days it keeps me alive, other days it's the brush to my painting. It's essential and I need it in my life.

Skipping foward to Christmas.
I came back sick from Paris. 9 days of resting, coughing, and eating soup. I was super off... like super super. 
No worries. I actually ignored the fact that I was doing zero activities. I watched tons of Christmas movies and treated myself with the best Christmas cookies. I lived pretty hard ~ 

Then Christmas morning came. I got up, dressed in my running clothes, strechted, and opened my running app. I was really about to run. 
Omg. I was running. Just like that. *this wasn't planned
My ankle and my brain were beautifully communicating - everything was fine and I was back on the path. 

It was freaking cold, hey, winter is here, but I enjoyed it beyond. It was a tough first 1-2ks but then I found my rhythm. And how was the run? Well, actually my time and pace was one of the best from my last 3-4 months of on and off running. 

Feels like I never took a break.
I'm back and I wasn't even gone. 
I want more now. I'm smiling and I'm happy. I can't wait for comeback season. I'm getting there very slow - step by step. 

How's your running doing?