11:18 AM No way. I can't believe that the 12th month of the year is here... the year will be over soon and Christmas is coming closer and closer. Please, dear Christmas, stay as long as possible. 
This is definitely my favorite time of the year. 

I have to be honest, without the Christmas gifts shopping, December would be maaad sexy, but I take this challenge and handle it with class and a good plan. I started shopping already, but there's still  A LOT missing. I wrote a list this year... trying to find the best present without random guessing. 
The motto for 2018 is no stress. I am relaxing and writing my lists... you should do, too!
That's why it's time to share my gift guide with you. Some inspiration for you to find something really special for your loved ones (in case you struggle). 
If you don't like the things above...how about this selection here?

Okay, this is actually covering A LOT of my personal taste. If someone would gift me this...I wouldn't say no. Think about the ones you want to surprise. Do they like to cook? Eat? Travel? My two favorites: the Sonos One speaker! Get the Hay edition (you see the one that I recently got above...and I am absolutely in love) - also the waffle iron is such a great gift idea, too, especially because you can use it right on Christmas morning for your Christmas waffles ~ Is there someone who doesn't like Christmas? Get him or her the Grinch book! There are so many cool things out there to get - let's inspire each other! 

When it comes to Christmas gifts, don't stress yourself. You will find the right gift and the gifted person will also appreciate any idea of yours! Don't think about the $ think about the meaning! 

*I waited with something special until the very end. 
This year's guide has a lot of ideas. Admit it.... 
But still not happy? You want the special something no one has? 
How about investing in some art? 
In my special webshop, you are able to get some fancy art work either way as a poster, canvas, wall mural - the world is yours! Take a look right here and also until December 18th, I am taking special requests for drawings and illustrations, just like the personal sneaker poster beneath! We can create a cool poster together, if you don't have a sharp idea...let's brainstorm and create exclusive Christmas gifts! ~

Happy Christmas shopping!
What's on your list this year? I'm curious!