10:32 AM Christmas, you are so wonderful bright and colorful. Decoration everywhere. I love this season and I love walking down the streets to see all of the people's decoration and creative ideas. Since I don't own a house or such, I am pretty simple with my decoration... each year I use the same old things. 
Last year, I actually wanted to invest in some fancy Christmas decoration, just to feel ALL of it, but somehow I was too lazy and I realized that Christmas decoration is hella expensive. 
One invests in so many pieces which don't last forever and also one's personal taste changes after a couple of seasons... so does this actually make sense? 

Checking through a lot of my old stuff from my childhood days (which I never threw away...), I realized I had a lot of weird decoration made out of the worst material. Plastic was in there as well... 

As a more green and natural person now, I am not in the mood anymore to invest in pieces which don't go with my actual standards and wishes. I don't want to buy more cheap things which only last one season and I also want to experience the holidays in a very natural and sustainable way. 
How can I do this?

Well some ideas for you:

1. Nuts: one of the easiest things to make your home look cozy and festive. Get yourself some walnuts or the nuts you prefer the most. Put them in a nice bowl, maybe you have a favorite Christms bowl, and place them in your living room or in your office. Not only a good decoration, but also a good snack bar whenever you feel snacky.

2. Fruits: what I love the most about Christmas time is the smell of tangerines. I think they are my dear favorite! As soon as one starts to peel them...that aroma is everything!! I love to buy tons of tangerines and do the same what I do with my nuts. Take out a tray or a big bowl and place some tangerines or all kind of winter fruits inside them. I love the tangerines which come with the rich green leaves, which makes the decoration just a bit more perfect.

3. Dear nature: add more green to your home. Christmas is all about senses and feel good moments. A big and beautiful Christmas tree, spruce branches, pine branches, mistletoes, fir cones, and there's so much more! You can either way take a trip to a close forest and collect some fir cones, or you visit your favorite flower shop to get some nice smelling branches. With branches one can create cool decorations, but one can also just put them in a vase and let them fill the room with the best smell.

4. Wooden figures: if you invest in decoration pieces, try to invest in pieces made out of sustainable material, for example wood or glass. I love nut crackers... I think it's the most cliché decoration...but it's just super sweet in my eyes and I love how long I can use them in my decorations! They will survive until I am 90.

5. DIY Christmas ornaments: before you buy any plastic Christmas ornaments this year, why don't you create your own? Last week, I found some leftover fabric that I brought from Cape Town and decided to make some special ornaments for my tiny Christmas tree. Something no one has and also a piece from a vacation that changed my life forever.

6. Aroma therapy: what's better than coming home and smelling a home filled with all the typical Chrismas spices? Cinnamon, anis, cloves, oranges? Fill a glass with all your favorite spices and some orange slices, cover them with hot water and let it all sit with a lit on for three days. Now that the aroma had enough time to spread and get intense, open your glass jar and put it somewhere over heat. The scent of your spicy water will spread everywhere! If this is too much work for you, you can also slice some oranges and put some whole cloves into the orange meat. Hang the slices on your tree or put them on your heater! Take a deep breath!

7. Candles: candles create such a cozy atmosphere - they shouldn't be missed this season!

8. Wrapping: when it comes to Christmas wrapping, make sure to not get too much stuff that will be extra waste, try to pack your gifts as natural as it can be! Wrap it with fabrics, reuse an old giftbox, or decorate it with some greens and gingerbread men.

9. Bake it 'til you make it: I already said it. Gingerbread men... you can bake such cute decoration and the best thing is that you don't have to throw it away afterwards...you can easily eat it!

10. Paint it: if you have kids, I think it's fun to also create nice decoration with their help. Get yourself some colors and paint together...create special pieces or craft tiny things which you can reuse every year and you'll have a beautiful memory as well! I remember that my mom used to craft a lot of things for our Christmas tree and now I got them, because I love to remember the times when we sat together to make these... 

I think those ideas are a good start to create a greener and more sustainable Christmas, don't you think?

Being sustainable doesn't mean to spend thousands of bucks. We can all afford being sustainable and most importantly...being more environment friendly is so good for our soul! 

Imagine your home being filled with natural smell and so much nature... that's heaven on earth!
What kind of Christmas decoration do you have? Any special ideas you like to share? I am curious!

Happy Christmas season! ~