7:49 PM Isn't it just weird that as kids we were so excited for the holidays, because we knew about all the good food being on its way? All we cared about was yummy treats, home cooked food from mom or grandma, and yes, of course presents... but the holidays never been in a darker light. 
Today, as grownups, we worry months before about how much food we are going to consume! 
Too many carbs, too much of this, trying all the slides, and please leave some extra room for dessert — like three slices of pie. 

Yes, the holidays may end as a food coma, but when did we start worrying about it so much? 

We totally loose the sight for all the jolly things coming along. 
My mom says it right. Christmas, Thanksgiving, or whatever you are celebrating happens only once a year. Who cares if you had 2 slices of pie? No one will judge you, because everyone is on team #allyoucaneat. 
If you are actually quiet healthy all year around, a day like this isn't killing you! 
If you still feel a bit lost and you worry about your weight or consequences for your body, you can follow this easy Thanksgiving or holiday diet
Ideally, you are doing this a week before Thanksgiving, but you can surely do this a couple of days before and then right after the event to keep a certain balance.

Omg, diet...
It's nothing crazy. It's actually a mindful surviving of the delicious food season. 
Be aware of what you eat and know your body! 

We keep it this simple.
Breakfast is filled with anything that gives you enough energy for your mornings. Stay with something that has high fiber and protein — yogurt and oatmeal for example. 
For lunch you can indulge in some complex carbs which you can burn throughout the day. Eat a creamy and rich soup, or chop some veggies up to enjoy a healthy salad, eat a protein packed wrap, or cure the sweet tooth with some fruits. 
If you feel snacky, no problem, you can always snack on something with high protein. Hummus and some veggies, an apple with peanut butter, greek yogurt with some berries, or simply nuts. 
For dinner, we just keep on fueling with more protein and lots of green vibes! Making your body strong! Eat some chicken breast with your favorite veggies.
Also, don't forget to drink! Hydrate to the max! 
If you feel bloated because of all the water, feel free to have some bananas!
Do this now and continue after the holidays! You won't even realize you had a crazy food party in between! 

What's even better, Thanksgiving is the holiday of rich protein food. Who's not having a Turkey? With the leftovers you can perfectly create protein rich meals and you can still enjoy all the holiday vibes around you.

The holidays are never the enemy.
Be happy and celebrate food, celebrate your family and the one who cooked it! Take care of portion control, if that helps you, but please don't punish yourself! 
Life's too short to worry about too much food! So go for it!