2:46 PM During my last loooong stroll through Target, I was looking for something extra special. Every time in NYC, I find some minutes to do crazy shopping there - I am having my list with the things that the usual candidates get with me. 
Sometimes I am anticapting special releases and I can't control myself after I discover them in the shelf, or I walk around with actually no clue knowing what the market is actually hyping right now. 

So last time, scenario b.) happened. I just took a walk and looked around. No special releases, nothing fancy on my mind...I just wanted to see what's new. 
Then, I found a package design I thought I saw somewhere in internet land. It's pretty cute. What is it? 

Ohhh, marshmallows? I like marshmallows. Omg, weird flavored marshmallows with the coolest package design (sorry, I'm a creative...I take care of this...
Smashmallow it was. 

Target was in the best mood again and offered two Smashmallow packages for a good price, so I decided to invest and fall in love with marshmallow heaven. 

In Germany, I don't feel the need to have marshmallows in my life.
I like them during winter time, when I am having a hot chocolate. I love Swiss Miss with the tiny marshmallow things inside the package....oh, and I loooove Lucky Charms. But that's it. 

I already saw myself drinking hot chocolate every day, throwing one or 5 smashmallows into my cup and just vibe on my cloud 9. 

I started with the cinnamon churro flavor. Oh wow! I like churros, but this was sooo much better than the original. 
First of all, the marshmallow was all covered in sugar crystals and the cinnamon flavor was so satisfying... in the beginning I totally ignored if I liked the marshmallow or not. I just kept on licking my fingers. Just look at the picture above. The marshmallows really look like this. 

The best thing is still ahead of us...
This beautiful marshmallow heaven is made with organic cane sugar and natural ingredients! 4 marshmallows make a good 80 calories and that means that I can snack any time, any day, any mood - I am here to snack ~ 

After a couple of days, my cinnamon churro smashmallows were gone. 
No worries...let's move on to the next bag. 

I opened the cookie dough bag. I love cookie dough and I was so excited. Unfortunately, this didn't make me jump around like the cinnamon churro, but still I was happy to have chosen the flavor. It felt a bit lighter, not "too sugary", and the marshmallow was really soft and delicate.
Even though I wasn't a big fan girl of this flavor, I ate it, I snacked, I treated myself with them and I had a real good time discovering the world of marshmallows. 
How awesome to give the "boring" sugar and eggwhite mixture a little upgrade with our favorite ingredients or treats. 

Now that it is cold outside, I am so glad to be slurping some hot chocolate to fuel the body. 
Unfortunately, my bags of smashmallows are gone. 
I wanted to enjoy them this winter and have the best hot cocoa exerience ever. Fuck, I failed. No winter with smashmallows, but at least I got some good memories snacking them....

*Okay, if you don't live close to a Target, please don't check out what Smashmallow is offering right now. Their winter special editions are crazy and I am crying... 

Smashmallow, you are doing a good job and I am so happy to have discovered you. You are delicious and I am so happy to snack with no guilt. 
I feel bad to not have you here this winter, but I will make it somehow... right?